Being a Dub

Came across this piece this morning - 200 reasons not to leave Dublin. Made some interesting reading, but did more to convince me I was right to leave, than persuade me to go back!

Clondalkin. Sticky "C" on this keyboard.

When I was a boy growing up in Dublin every priest, teacher, gard and nurse was a culchie.Going down the country to Tallagh or londalkin was a rare treat.

Where would we be without them.


nothin wrong with us culchies.. be wide now, or I'll drive up there in my tractor, and shovel cowshit all over your doorstep.

Culchies… I should have known… :smiley:

I want it to be true.. I want a TRUE list of what I embrace most when I get home, but no, frys, jedward, trash TV, and definitely Joe duffy are all part of the reason I'm glad to be away. Then again, I'm not a dub, I was raised "down the country".

I read the whole list, it's surprisingly accurate. I don't know how you could pass judegment after reading only 10% ?

Even the bits that you don't want to be true were pretty much bang on.


They say "Salmon"... yuk, who would eat a salmon out of the liffey or dodder...

They say rubberbandits, but they're from Limerick, no?

and the biggest question... WHY am I still reading the list!!

I know. I went off it myself after much the same number, but when I saw Jedward, I thought of you, and posted the link! :-)

the very name of the site put me off. When I go back there I'm sick of "OMG, it was sOOO totally"..

I've only made it to 20, and the ONLY thing I miss is the Guinness... They had the cheek to use Jedward, haha.