Believing what we read

I think, including myself, we have all had a dig at the media and particularly a number of English newspapers. The Daily Mail often gets it in the neck and the Daily Telegraph is not far behind. I was simply wondering where we all get our news, information and so on from. I certainly channel and language hop on TV but actually find even dedicated news channels a bit lacking in depth. The exception there is when they do features, many of which are universally excellent. It is nonetheless newspapers and news magazines I trawl because I am far more interested in what is happening in the world generally than just in France, the UK or any single country.

So my own sources are as follows. I mainly use online versions of these - The Guardian (, Le Monde Diplomatique ( - there is an international version in English I very occasionally look at too, Der Spiegel ( - again an international version in English for those who need or prefer, and then a random selection of leading national online versions of newspapers from wherever seems pertinent for work purposes mainly. I also like humourous journalism, so Le Canard enchaîné (, Private Eye( - which is more a synthesis than a full version but fun anyway, and The Daily Mash ( which is a rather anarchic take on Daily Mail stories and type of journalism. I also look at a few things like taz (die tageszeitung) ( in Berlin and its ilk elsewhere. I certainly do not plough through all of these every day, probably two most days and very selectively at that and I doubt many people would wish to. OK, I read a lot of news and that may be exceptional but rather than make assumptions about what other people do and do not read and fling proverbial mud at each other, what do actually people read (or watch) for news and information?

On line: Guardian, Telegraph, New York Times, Independent, Figaro are regulars. Used to read Liberation regularly until I got fed up with the fact that what they considered to be a news report I considered commentary and analysis with a boringly predictable left-wing bias.

I also get the Weekly Guardian delivered and the Figaro at the weekend (Friday and Saturday to get the magazines. It's a good deal as it gives you on-line access to the full newspaper every day).

Locally: Lozere Nouvelle (absolutely dreadful but essential if only to know who's died so we don't put our foot in it) and occasionally Midi Libre which gives marginally better coverage of local issues than the Lozere Nouvelle.

On TV: TF1 almost exclusively even though I can't abide Ms Ferrari, BBC evening news and Newsnight, occasionally ITV news at ten. Rarely watch FR3 news though we would do if we got the local news and not the all-regions version transmitted by satellite. Non-stop news channels during breakfast in hotels :-)

Oh and France Inter news at lunchtime -- mainly because it follows Le Jeu des Mille Euros and I can't be bothered to get up and turn the radio off when that finishes.

So all in all a bit of a mixture, but that's what becomes of being a Reuter hack for more than 30 years. News is addictive!

With you Andrew, you are looking at your immediate world and that serves your purposes well. That is the absolute contrast with wanting/needing international news (and also a laugh). TF1, like BBC, RAI Uno, ARD, etc are actually relatively parochial, which serves the majority. I am not entirely engrossed in the UK news before any other but still have some 'ongoing' collaboration with people there and on a need to know basis I look, however the Guardian (for example) I use more for world coverage than for UK news.

I hope other people respond, this is actually idle curiosity. Partly, to also be honest, I see several racks of non-French newspapers in places in this area and have never seen anybody buy one and actually they don't seem to go anyway. Is there a point in that that I am missing? I know a lot of people watch TV in their own language now, which I ONLY do for some news and a few selected programmes (Dr Who with my daughters is probably the only fixture) but then use the other languages in equal share to French. How many people do that? How, as well, do some of us really see Daily Mail type of 'truths' on any site, let alone this when so few people appear to read papers or watch news?

E si, bo' notte!

Hi Brian,

I alternate between watching TF1 and France 2 for the main news each day, France 3 for local and regional news and BFMTV when I've missed the news and want to know what's happening.

I also check out La Depeche and Midi Libre daily via internet to read up what's going on.

all that means that my view on the world is far too francophone/French and that I never have any idea about what's going on in the UK - not that I'm at all bothered by that or need to know but we've already been there already...!

ciao e a presto