Bergerac airport is in trouble

My local airport.

Your local airport at Bergerac may be under threat of closure,

This is second hand news ....but a worry.

What could be done to bring revenue to help this tiny yet extremely popular


What a glorious day to fly in.

Her the sun is really lovely and welcome.

That's good news Barbara :)

I am pleased to hear that (pressed send too fast!)



No I have no sense of humour but Pie In The Sky has!!!!!

Catherine I really am not on a witch hunt and think that the idea

of flying in old planes is great.I know a lady who has a 3/4 seater plane

and she flies from Lussac near St Emilion.

Just to say that I am very pleased to say that the airport at Bergerac is

not going to is going to be developed.

So there is a smile on my face.

Barbara, your photo is very confusing - which one of the three good-looking ladies is your good self ?

Barbara - David was being funny. Several other posters have chosen to take his post as the witticism that it was. The thread has evolved. If you choose to perceive that as rudeness then so be it but please don't take this thread off on a personal witch hunt.

Thank you.

Barbara you are devoid of humour.

David you are obsessed.

With the idea of being rude to me.

I am not enchanted by you and visa versa.

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I have a facsimile flying jacket that I wear each winter when it gets really cold, that's why I just need the head gear. The Red Baron flies again, if people must drag my politics into it ;-)

And one of those sheepskin flying jackets that Morlands used to make. A friend of mine at university had one inherited or more proper to say handed on from his father. I was very envious. Infinitely more raffish then those smelly Afghan coats that were "fashionable/cool" in the late 60's.

Rushes off to brocantes to look for leather flying helmet and goggles...

I don't think I've seen him in anything for donkeys years. No matter.

Absolutely spiffing to have you and Catherine aboard. Chocks away!

I don't think Jim Dunk is a relative....and I don't think I've seen him in anything (having just looked him up on Google)......

There are quite a few Dunks up North...(I've traced my branch back to Nottingham in 1724, but hit a blank prior to that)....and a lot in Kent (originally hop-pickers & Flemish weavers) and Sussex it's not that rare.

My uncle John (who I never met) was a rear gunner in Lancasters which flew over Essen in WW2...survived and was a local hero in Yorkshire, awarded some sort of distinquished flying perhaps it's in my blood.......except...come to think of it , I'm not very good with heights ...

Please count me in too. Sounds spiffing.

So pleased to have your support Hilary. There may be one or two airworthy Lysanders about so perhaps we could start "Resistance Airways"; light baggage only. Just imagine the excitement of flying from Northolt to Bergerac. Just a few volonteers with flashlights on the airfield or on a field nearby.

Dunk isn't a very common name; Are you by any chance related to my ex-neighbour in early 70's Birmingham, the actor/writer Jim Dunk?


I think that's a fantastic idea and I personally have friends who are flying enthusiasts (they're bit 'longer in the tooth' than when their pilots licences were valid, but that's not an insurmountable problem...surely, it's just like riding a bike ?)

Something that should inspire confidence, is that my contacts keep their hands on the joystick, by regular practice flying large scale and sophisticated, model aircraft to competiton level, (which includes an aerobatic element, I believe).....and are used to assembling their own planes from complicated kit and installing the electrics and onboard computer that too, would mean they could see to any ongoing maintenance issues...thus keeping the costs down.

Perhaps, we could have our own flying school and restore a few bi-planes, do a bit of wing-walking over Paris & other cities to advertise the new improved service, maybe make a film "Flying down to Bergerac ' ?

I can't I would be happy to come 'on board' with this inspired regeneration scheme...collecting ticket money ?

Perhaps Babs you could set up a Bergerac Airport Preservation Society There's plenty of vintage aircraft lying about around the world. No doubt a few vintage aircrew around here. You could run flights back to UK connecting to UK airports like Bergerac. Possible; or is it Pie in the Sky? It would be a bit like railway societies eg The Severn Valley Railway. Brits would love the concept especially if you ran Santa Specials at Christmas.

We shall see boys....

Oh by the way Dave Thornley from Riberac you are hiding in the shadows

just now!