Bergerac Airport Thriving!

Well a couple of years ago many of you said that I was wrong to think that Bergerac airport was
Seems to be busier than ever.
And around it there is so much development ……buildings going up and busy places buzzing.
I am delighted!

yes there’s a new energy there. That airport brings so much money into the local economy - all those Dordogne holiday homes and tourists. Nice to see the airport thriving. I still maintain they should have a duty free shop though, they’d make a fortune there!

No duty free within the EU since 1991! All sales within the EU are duty paid. Unless of course Bergerac are planning long haul services…:-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So when the UK leaves the EU next year will Brits be able to buy ‘duty free’ goods again?

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Good question !

Yes you’re right, I meant ‘tourist and trinkets shop’ . Once you’re through security at Bergerac there’s really nothing there and you can’t bring foie gras and wine through except in hold luggage. So a shop in the departures, selling tasty memories of your holiday, might make a fortune. As would a cafe in the departure lounge since all you have are the vending machines.

Sure there is a local wine producer selling wine and other things in the departure lounge, well there was last summer Sandy.

never seen one in departures lounge airside. I go through several times a year and there’s nothing airside. But if they have started a commerce in departures then a brilliant idea.

Yes it was Airside on the joining wall between the two departure lounges.

How interesting, never seen it, perhaps a summer thing but an excellent initiative!

Yes, you could taste the wine before you brought any, that i do remember !!!

I love a wine-tasting…no-one can persuade me to spit it out… unless it’s awful of course… :wink:

if they had a decent café it would be great.
café in the departure lounge or food truck?
Food truck would be perfect for the operator because if things did not work out they could move on.
I suggested several things to the director and maybe he took some notes.
Who was it who thought I was crazy to think it could survive?

Maybe you should change the thread title - “Bergerac airport thriving!”


Be interesting to know how much it receives in subsidy along with the other airports in the area.

I agreed I clicked to read in panic!

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I am not interested in figures just success for the airport, the region and the people of the region.Far too much in life is formulated around figures and numbers and in reality it does not always work.

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Definitely a life line for us for when we go back to the UK to visit our family, we would be lost with out it.

So if you run a business and the figures don’t add up you should carry on anyway, I think we should put Barbara forward to run the country.:wink: