Bergerac airport,

So pleased to say that Bergerac airport is doing well.
Shame about the cafe and the shop but flights seem to be full
and there is even a taxi service on sight.
Lots of new buisness has sprung up nearby.

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that’s encouraging… :+1:

It is but many SF people said that it was doomed,
Glad that they got it wrong

Me too Barbara! Perfect for us, only 25 minutes away! Sadly some flights have been reduced. The Leeds flight stopped quite early so we had to take MIL to Limoges!

Bumper tourism in this general region this year. Good for us all.

And Limoges Airport is currently closed (runway resurfacing)

Closed from 31 October until 11 December.

It wasn’t Sunday!!

There’s always the cafe at the nearby Jardiland if the Bergerac airport cafe is shut.

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yes of course but it helps to be in the airport if you are flying or meeting people.

Getting ahead of myself…:roll_eyes:

Less than 5 for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe we can try to finally grab a coffee these holidays!

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