Beside the Dordogne

Hi there. We moved to the Gironde three weeks ago after a long search fir our new home in France. We finally found a gorgeous house complete with small lake, orchard and quite a few metres of Dordogne riverside.
We are very slowly opening boxes after a hiccup in our removal and a lot of help from our son and his friend on a working holiday.
Orange on tbe other hand are slow timing us with our internet connection. It seems its quite common for all the utilities to get names and addresses wrong even when you write it down for them and just give a gallic shrug if you try to correct them.
Weve cought our first fish (no we didnt eat it) and made our first fig tart. Our russet apple tree us producing some giants and I look forward to harvesting my first kiwifruit.
We would live to meet some fellow brits .
My hubby enjoys fishing , diy etc and I love baking, trying my hand at growing stuff and knitting, sewing.
We both need to immerse ourselves more and learn better french if anyone can suggest any classes fir newbies like us.
Great forum. I look forward to reading more. X


That sounds a perfect location.

We have a holiday home probably not too far away just north of Castillon-la-Bataille - holiday home for now but it will be a permanent home in a couple of years hopefully). Unfortunately we are at Bordeaux Airport heading home otherwise I would have suggested meeting up. Perhaps next time as we seem to manage a trip every 6 weeks or so.

Unlucky that you are heading home. Let us know when you return! If you can put up with a couple of.down to earth northerners we can arrange to meet halfway. X