Best aspect for the evening sun

one of the things we want ( okay wife demands lol ) is that the rear garden, patio or whatever our new house has is that it must get the evening sun

would it just be the same as England, the garden or rear of the house must be south west facing, we are also toying with the idea of solar power if only for hot water

Well spotted. The ‘online’ version is free but if you want the app then it will cost money.

Ahh !

minor details Robert.....

I'm waiting to be told the price peter lol

Correct about the orientation Robert. My place is exactly south-west facing and the front patio is bathed in sunshine at the end of the day. Couldn't ask for a better orientation and the house is for sale so what are you waiting for ?![](upload://rD8ewgPGKLQlyapKrdwXSwSVOOr.jpg)

I just looked at the Link Carl on my iPad and if I want to download it via IOS then had to go to Apple APP store to download with €8.99 charge. If downloaded on Windows OS is there also a charge? Not that I can of course as Pc’s still out of commission.

that's amazing Carl - great link!

Thank you Carl we'll look at that it sounds like just what we need

The Photographer's Ephemeris

f you use the link above you will fine a website that can overlay on a map (the link is for our gaff) the position of the sun at any time of day. Also the sunrise and sunset points as well as all the same for the moon.