Best Business Format

Following on from the Auto entrepreneur question, can anyboby advise me on this?

I want to start a business that will employ people. I will not be a one man band. What is the best business model in France to follow.

NB I was TNS (Travailleur Non Salarié) a few years back and that cost me around €35k when all added up, so I do not want to go there again.

All advice would be greatly welcomed.

If they will still allow it try looking at the loi 1901 its an association but lots of loops holes and bugger all tax tp pay

Thanks Steve, I’ll have a look at that. Good to get the view from someone who has ventured further than self employed. I get the feeling you never make enough self employed to make it worthwhile (hence autoentrepreneur) but that too has it’s disadvantages.
I’ll have a look at your site.


Have a look at, you’ll find lots of info there and if you join (cheap), you can ask questions in the forum.

Echoing what someone else said, employing people isn’t cheap, I reckoned it cost me +43% on top of salaries and is fraught with pitfalls. Depending on what your business is, using agency workers might be an alternative.

Not sure - but I do know it’s horrendously expensive to employ people in France!

It depends on the business you intend to set up and wether you will be employing people or wether you will be having self empolyed people working for you etc as each business is very different, in regards to expenses, ie materials, rent on property, salairied staff ect ect, a bit more info is needed before a clearer response can be given, but in all honesty if you go to your local CCI they should be able to advise you and a little advise from an accountant wouldnt hurt either.