Best Departments to Live?

Thank you for letting me join your forum.

We have been looking for a permanent home, in France for the past three years. Predominantly, in the south Charente, north Dordogne and the Perigord-Vert.

Recently, my wife has been diagnosed with a dry eye condition. A few friends have suggested that we look in other areas that may be more suitable, for someone who needs to avoid the extremes of heat and cold.

Some of the areas suggested are; Gers, Hautes-Pyrenees, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Gironde, Lot & Tarn.

I am desperate for help, especially with 31 October 2019 looming.

Thanking you all in advance.

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I can only speak from my experiences but the Haute Vienne/Charente borders are great because that area seems to benefit from the four seasons more than anywhere else i’ve lived or stayed. Winters aren’t that harsh and summers aren’t too extreme either. Just my opinion of course.

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and to add to Peter’s post, there is a very good eye surgery service at Limoges CHU (University Hospital) of which I have personal experience.

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Hi Steve and Welcome to the Forum.

Dry-Eyes - only had a 6 month spell of that. Self-inflicted due to overwork on the computer screen. Remember it well enough to feel for your Wife. Yes, she does not want to live in conditions which irritate and/or aggravate her eyes. Hopefully, medication will help keep it under control and France is top-notch on Health Issues, I have found.

I hope you find a lovely place to live - which will ease her condition. France has so much to offer - it is so varied - you need time to find the right spot for “you” . If 31 October is worrying you - why not rent while you look?

good luck

It’s always in the top two or three according to the ratings.

I have Sjorgens, and I find the biggest problem is bright sun and wind. Dry cold is fine, and so is heat as long as not too dry.

Look at the maps here that might help you identify the ideal spot. But do be aware that the microclimate around the house you choose can have a huge influence.

Many thanks, Jane.

This link does not work; do you have the correct one, please?



I Googled and found this - any good ?

You can select Country, Region etc etc and loads of info

Here is another useful Site:

Thank you, Stella.

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There probably aren’t many places in France without one or the other of what you want to avoid. The Tarn is lovely but we had a temperature variation of about 55 degrees - minus 14 to plus 41. Bretagne seems a more temperate choice, or even Nord-Pas de Calais. I don’t think anywhere has avoided the extreme heat this year. It could well be a regular occurrence.

IMO Steve you shouldn’t base your search based on “dry eyes”. Due to a medical condition my wife had dry eyes, she was never without her Lacri-Lube. We lived in several different climates. For example Jo’Burg which is as dry as a bone and we had a humidifier in our bedroom for her and Dubai which had humidity beyond belief but it didn’t really matter to her eyes. I suggest you find somewhere you both love and manage the eye issue separately.