Best facial and hair care products or at home recipes

Hi ladies!
A quick input from y’all would be great.
Since i moved here i noticed a big difference in my skin…the water is more hard than Cali and my skin is very dry! Any recommendations? Same with conditioners for my hair??
Also, what makeup brands do u recommend? Im 40 and starting to notice changes in my skin and now need to wear foundation-any recommendations?
Basically-please clue me in on french beauty secrets!!!(on a mommy budget)
Thank you!

Hi Meghann,

I recommend coconut oil.

But the hard water issue isn’t just skin-deep; your appliances might suffer a bit from mineral build-up, over time, if that is the source of your hard water issue. Also, hard water isn’t a blanket issue for all of France. If you read up on hard water in France, you’ll find that even within the same department, the hard water issue varies. Sometimes, having a well that lies within a limestone deposit, can make the water hard, to give one small example. Sometimes, though, the house that has a well will in fact have softer water than the commune. But if you know, then in this case perhaps you’ll know more about what you’re up against and can make some decisions. Perhaps, you might be the one who can ultimately recommend to others, once you find out and have tried a few things yourself.

So… Do consider finding out what is in your water that makes it hard.

As far as symptoms, hard water makes it tougher to make lather, and sometimes your skin feels even drier after washing in hard water. You may want to find out what your neighbors do, to counteract the affects?


Make up I only use Rimmel so was quite relieved to find it in my local supermarket…

Skin care Nivea also available quite reasonably priced in my local supermarket…

Hair…??? Still trying…lol…x :smile:

Both companies banned animal experiments many years back which is important to me on a personal level being a long time supporter of the U.K. BUAV… but China still has mandatory animal testing…both companies are trying to keep an open dialogue with “China” but it does make me uncomfortable that in order for them to sell to the “China” marketplace that mandatory vivisection still comes into it…x :frowning:

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Coconut oil has been a fav of mine for a long while…but my skin quickly absorbs and is hungry for more. I also use it for oil pulling…great to keep my pearly whites!
As far as the water goes-we rent. I will ask my hubby if he knows anything about our water-and if not we will ask the mayor (our landlord)
Thank u for taking time to give me some input-greatly appreciated!!!

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Thank you Helen!!

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Get to know the staff at your local parapharmacie, which are cheaper than proper pharmacy for many beauty products, and you can end up with loads of samples - échantillons.

Mine are lovely, and so horrified by my (lack of) beauty regime that they are keen to discuss what might be best for me. And give me samples of all sorts of things which I love for going on holiday.


You probably don’t 'need ’ to wear foundation, for a start! Let your skin breathe and give it a bit of strategic bb cream (lots on the market) where you feel it is necessary. Parapharmacies are great and if you ask for advice will often give you a treatment routine to test, showing you what to do first, all free.

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I will definitely ask when i stop by one day!