Best place in France to buy a good (room temperature) pint of Guinnness?


(Mary Wolcott) #1

Just wonder if anyone has recommendations for a good or even best, place you’ve found to buy a pint of Guinness, in France?

I think Bourges has some good places…?

(David Martin) #2

There are plenty of Irish bars in France so you could have fun researching the question. My favourite is is in one of the Irish bars in La Rochelle, especially early in the evening when it costs €3.50 a pint. Isn’t all draught Guinness slightly chilled to help it to settle? It’s not like a room temperature ‘real ale’.

(robert moon) #3

I think Bourges has some good places…?

Really? I’m 50 clicks from Bourges. Tell me where and we’ll meet for a pint or few Guinnae! St Amand Montrond have a can agitator thingy and the black stuff is crap stuff!

(stella wood) #4

Here’s the link to Irish Pubs… please will someone sort out a Trip/Rally/Binge (call it what you will)… :yum::thinking:,187541,73725&tbm=lcl&ved=2ahUKEwjOscrmr-XcAhWKGewKHWQdC3AQjGp6BAgCED4&tbs=lrf:!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e3!2m1!1e16!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:9&rldoc=1#rlfi=hd:;si:;mv:!1m3!1d3360557.755701085!2d1.1617324500000001!3d45.7928554!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i277!2i453!4f13.1;tbs:lrf:!2m1!1e2!2m1!1e3!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:9

(robert moon) #5

Who’s driving?!

(Mary Wolcott) #6

David, thanks for asking about whether all draught Guinness are slightly chilled to help settle it. I agree, the head on a room-temp draught is a bit harder to handle (oh the glory of it). Worth the wait, I say. When I was in London last year, I couldn’t find a place with the option for room-temp Guinness on tap. I didn’t have time, or perhaps didn’t have as good fortune during my short stay, in choice of pubs in which to drink it. In 1999 I went to a pub where they served both options. I have always liked it at room temp versus chilled so I still recall how nice it was to have the option!

So, I can’t say for sure, nowadays, if the option is offered; but, it was. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled. But that was London… So I might have to lower expectations for Guinness in France. If so, then all the more reason to visit London regularly :slight_smile: Or, other parts of the UK of course. If I find any pubs, anywhere, that offer it (or in fact, any stout) at room temp I will be overjoyed. And I can report back.

(Mary Wolcott) #7

Good question!!!

So, in Bourges it looks like Le Birdland serves Guinness on tap… Le Birdland, 4 Avenue Jean Jaurès

There’s another Irish pub in Bourges, but I’m confused about whether it serves Guinness on tap; seems silly not to, right? But, would appreciate anyone’s experience with this pub: O’Brian’s Irish Pub, 9 Rue Barbès

(David Martin) #8

All draught Guinness will be served chilled in a room temperature glass.

(Bill Morgan) #9

Just an aside Mary, in parts of Ireland, Irishmen prefer bottled Guinness (pint bottles), to Guinness from the tap, it surprised me when an Irish friend told me. Cheers :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mary Wolcott) #10

I’ll be darned. Well, perhaps I’ll have some time someday, to go and drink with some Irish folks, in Ireland, and see if my research supports yours. :smile:

(Bill Morgan) #11

Slàinté :+1:, Mary enjoy :smiley: