Best SIM only deal?

Hi all, I’ve managed with my UK mobile for sometime but need a french number for deliveries etc. I still use UK sim for most communications because the provider still allows EU/UK data roaming within monthly allowance.
I need a sim which just gives the very minimum texts and calls etc, which is cheap and where i don’t have to keep topping up every week just to keep the number. Any suggestions?

SFR Red is only about 5€ a month…

Free 1€/month

wow… 1€/month… that certainly is cheap… how on earth do Free make any profit with that… ???
Thanks for the info… I shall certainly pass this on to friends who are in a similar position to the OP. :slight_smile:

Useful to know - I may try to pick one up in a few weeks. Is the offer online or is it available in superpmarkets etc?

I used these and they will send you a sim worldwide so no need for french iban. I still have credit from my original deposit a year after I moved to france. I now use syma mobile as my daily phone/mobile internet.

Told a lie….it’s 2€ (must pay more attention to my bank statements!)

Mine came by online order & post

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I think you need to be a Free subscriber to get the 1€ deal, that is how it used to work at any rate.

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Prixtel is very good value at 4.99/month for 40Gb

Prixtel also allow free use of your data and calls when you go to the UK since they still regard it as part of the EU.

Then if you move your UK number to Vyke for 17 euros/year (which is free to receive all texts and calls) you won’t ever have to worry about roaming fees.

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Free is 2 euros a month as a stand alone - Prixtels flexible packages are worth looking at from 5 euros.
Make sure it’s sans engagement and then just chop and change provider when better offers come along.
Free isn’t an introductory offer whereas Prixtels and most of the other low cost options double after a year. But sans engagement you just jump to another new offer.

The mini + formule costs 1,50
You buy it in Leclerc

I’m not….just pay 2€ a month.

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That is probably why you pay 2€ and not 1€ then :smile:


You pay for the SIM.

I wouldn’t take anything else with Free though, just that basic offering.

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If you have an internet contract, usually there is the possibility of one sim card either included in the contract or at a reduced rate eg with Orange - it is included, with Free - 0€ (2€ if no internet contract).

Try a sim from FREE. It is 2 euro per month, no contract, great coverage across whole France, very simple.
If you are a heavy user of data then the option to go to 210 gig is only €19.99.
Value for money for French phone plans.

Thanks, I tried to get a Free 2€ sim but unfortunately the system wouldn’t accept my IBAN number, it is French account, just kept getting an error message. S

Are you linking to the correct site… ???

Yes I am, maybe a glitch ill try later.

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