Best tariff with EDF

Hi - we are in the Tarn (81) and we were wondering what is the best tariff to be on with EDF. We have a large house with 9 bedrooms, 6 of which have electric heaters used only occasionally by guests. Thanks you your time! Sarah

I used a electricity suppliers comparison website to find our new supplier but sorry I can’t remember the website.

Just google - meilleur tarif electricité, lots of comparison sites.

What tariff are you currently on??

I would have thought you needed a supply to match your equipment.

Is there something you can switch OFF when your Guests want to use the electric heaters ?? Is that a feasible solution???

There isn’t a lot of choice is there? daytime/nightime =expensive day/ cheaper night (qualifying hours) only benefits is you are using roughly 45% of your electric on the cheaper night time electric. Normal flat rate electric. There are some wacky red day etc ideas but doubt you’ll save much unless guests book to come during that cheaper period.
Shopping around for another supplier as others suggest saves about 5% over EDF.
Problem with the crazy French idea is you have to pay a higher abandoment (sp) (service charge) just for the potential to use the heaters occasionally. The electric is pretty much the same cost regardless.

I use EDF tempo and it is very advantageous for me - but my heating isn’t electric and I actually use more electricity in summer.

We are with Total Direct Energie, saving about €150 a year on EDF. Been with them for 4 years (until recently their name was Total Spring). Don’t bother day/night unless you have 40% or more night-time. In fact our cheap hours are 12:30 - 14:30 plus 01:30 - 07:30 but whether that is still available I dunno. EDF Tempo is not available.

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I have used EDF for 20 years for a 5 bed house.
This year I checked a comparison site, they were the best!

Then you didn’t properly check.

Great reply…enlighten me?

(Trying not to blow own trumpet), but I was Energy Manager for the second largest aggregates company in UK and calculated hugely-more-complicated electricity tariffs for our quarries (nearly 200 of them). Some had bills over £20k a month. But that is by-the-by now; the simple matter here is that many french electricity supply companies are cheaper than EDF for ‘small’ consumers (i.e. not big businesses) because the units are cheaper. ALL other charges by other companies (fixed abonnements, the various taxes) are the same as EDF but the unit prices and hence all the unit-related taxes are cheaper than EDF’s. Saving money by changing is really a no-brainer.

We are on EDF Tempo. Blue, white, red days - blue are cheapest, then white, then red. 2200 to 0600 is a lot cheaper (water heater on).
We’ve had visits from Energy Advisers and one said not to change as it was the best tariff (he isn’t EDF but an independent). It isn’t available now (so can’t advise you to take it up) but have noticed that our unit costs are lower than the website shows they should be. We think this is probably a loyalty benefit as we’ve been with it for 15 or so years.
We did reduce our power input from (I think) 32KvA to 15 because we’d stopped using the underfloor heating we’d had installed and that saved a fortune on the standing charge.
We also have photovoltaic cells which contribute a lot on very cold days (which are red, of course) because these days tend to be clear skies.
Thank you for listening. :+1:

Yes, you are correct - Tempo hasn’t been available for new customers for some years …

I have tempo, you can actually still get it but you really have to insist, and a lot of new customers allow themselves to be put off. There is no point if you rely only on electricity for everything, for example I use gas and electricity for cooking; open fires and oil and electricity for heating; the only things to rely entirely on electricity are the hot water heaters, lights, machines etc.

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