Best Time to Buy a Pool Kit?

Hi Esteemed Swimming Pool Experts.

We are planning to get the groundworks for a Piscine Bois Hors Sol kit pool completed in February / March to fit in with our renovation schedule but we've noticed there are a lot of "special offers" on pool kits just now, presumably because no-one buys a pool in August.

What are the pitfalls of buying a kit now and storing it until next year? Does anyone have any experience of this approach? Are we being misled in thinking this is a good time of year to buy a pool kit?

Any advice gratefully received.

Hi John,

Thanks for the prompt response. I'm sure we can find a mouse proof box t store the liner in.

Hi Martin,

Sounds like a plan, the only pitfall I can think of is the safe storage of the liner. A chap did a similar thing and when he opened the liner to install it the mice had eaten loads of quite large holes in it. It's the texture I think, nice and chewy like Haribo's