Best way to register as an artist

Pleas can anyone help me. I am retired and spend much time in my pottery and painting studio. I need to start selling to pay for materials and to make space for new work. I dont expect to earn a lot but understand that I must register and pay tax on any earnings. can anyone advise me how best to do this....Auto entrepreneur?....CFE centre formalites de Entreprises and Maison des Artistes?...What ever is the simplest!

thanks for those two...but which of the two? Do they have different tax rates?

As a stained glass artist, retired and looking only for a small income, I have been a registered Auto Entrepreneur for 2 years now. I do all my paper work online - one form to fill in every quarter. I opted to pay my tax upfront and this simplifies things for me even more. I did look at other ways of setting up, but as I make new stained glass windows and also renovate old, plus a bit of fused glass and jewellery, the AE works best for me - I would recommend it.