Better than Photoshop?

(neil whitehead) #1

A great new programme which is better then PS and a whole lot cheaper -

Affinity Photo, in beta at the moment.

I'm using Affinity Designer which is better then Adobe Illustrator and, again it's a whole lot cheaper.


(Al Rogers) #2

I've been using Serif's excellent Windows photo-editing and DTP software for years, and Affinity is the company's response to regular requests from Apple Mac users for a compatible version. As I understand it, Affinity had to be written from scratch because of problems in porting over the Windows software to the Mac system. There's some talk on the Affinity website that Serif may produce a Windows version eventually. Anyone on a tight budget looking for some good photo-editing software could do worse than try one of the free downloads from of older versions of PhotoPlus, the company's Windows product.

(neil whitehead) #3

Only Mac at the moment for both apps, I think.

(Carl Alban) #4

Maybe there is a windows version under a different name?

(neil whitehead) #5

Odd, Carl, as the producers behind Affinity are Serif who only produced Windows -based software previously.

(Ron Fox) #6

I have used the Affinity Beta on aMacBook Pro and have been able to modify a single pixel. To date, I am quite satisfied with the program which is almost intuitive.

(Carl Alban) #7

Not available for 93% of desktop/laptop users :frowning: