Beware, elephants don’t forget…

I bought this place in October 2018 when I was told that the existing septic tank needed to be replaced within two years to conform to the latest regs. The penalty was a hefty fine.
I actually had a new system installed in March 2019 and the system passed the requisite tests and a certificate of conformity issued by the company who supplied the system.
I took out a contrat d’entretien with a company who check it out every year.
Two weeks ago I received a summons telling me the system hadn’t yet been changed and that I would be facing legal action.
I called them and the result was that a couple of chaps visited the property this morning and saw, to their surprise and chagrin that the work had in fact been done. They carried out loads of tests to make sure it conformed.
The moral of the story is that these people (SPANC) don’t forget so, don’t fanny about thinking it’s been forgotten, get the work done within the two years.


That’s interesting, Peter. I didn’t know you could do that so I must investigate locally

It just goes to show how different SPANC are in other locations.
We moved in 8 years ago and the fosse was declared as not conforming, to date I have
not replaced the fosse that earlier this year underwent another SPANC inspection and
of course it did not conform but the inspector stated “No need to worry unless you want
to sell the house and then it will be up to you or the new buyers !”
The system does not give us issues, I count myself lucky