Beware Le Boin Coin cons

Not sure how much info I can legally put on here, but I can add email addresses etc if admin say yes. However, looking for a new house to rent, we saw just what we wanted on the bon coin. We did the usual, expressing interest etc. and received the response saying that it was for rent because the owner wanted to join his wife in Mans and was letting the house out because he did not want to leave it empty. Viewing would be by appointment as he did not live there, but because he was disabled could we provide our full personal and financial details, so that we could organise the contract and organise payment of deposit and guarantee. So it is all done for the day of our viewing. As you can guess....alarm bells. I checked on the name and email address and found a carbon copy of the responses on an arnaque site. The only info the contact would give me was the road and town not the number. If allowed I am happy to supply the details, but beware!