Beware of Greeks Driving Stolen Trucks!

Having just read the daily insight from Ian Morley at Torfx regarding greek arsonists driving a stolen truck into Microsoft's Head Office in Athens and causing 60,000 euros of damage as a protest against the austerity measures, what do they really hope to achieve by this futile gesture?

Perhaps they hadn't benefited from ficitious olive groves or other EU blessings.

All they are doing is making Greece look more and more unreliable in the eyes of the rest of the euro zone.

My father died in 1961 and left me some shares in RBS, which I only received four years ago, as my mother had a life interest and she hung on until 99.

Hmmm, hmmm. I bank with one beginning with B who are in it up to their proverbial necks...

Torfx usually give a very good rate, and as I haven't heard this news item anywhere else, as everyone is consumed with the latest revelations of greed and corruption within the banking system, I found it quite interesting.

What they hope to gain by this I can't understand, unless it is a bit of kudos among those who want Greece to leave the euro.

OK, so you mean the 'arsonists'. Fine, if Greece was not in such dire straits it would probably never be mentioned anywhere but Athens media. It sounds nonetheless like Torfx taking advantage.

Ian Morley is merely reporting this futile Greek gesture Brian.

Sorry Jane, confused by your question. Do you mean Ian Morley is making Greece look more and more unreliable or the Greek arsonists? If you mean the former, then that is relatively polite behaviour from a financial institution given the yarns they have spun in order to destabilise the € and create exchange rates that favour them getting a high return.