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To all my doggy friends.;. I have come to realise that my electrical horse fence did not manage to keep my neighbours beautiful border collie out during my girls heats. So yes, I am afraid One of my girls Chippy a pure bred medium schnauzer is expecting puppies. Please don’t comment on my lack of responsibility I have already told myself off several times.

So they are to wonderful dogs, apparently the states call this a designer breed, shnauzerx border collie = border schnollie…

So please let me know if any of you would be interested in a puppy, they will be born around the 20th of April and ready to go after 8 weeks. As I love my dogs to death and will take 100% responsibility in finding them very good homes.

I know we didn’t need more dogs on this planet but sometimes nature takes over, and killing them as the local farmers do as soon as they are born, even if I respect that, I could never do it.

Hi Siobhan I am sure we all know how you feel AND will all do our level best to help you to get homes for these puppies. Keep us posted … PS love the name. border schnollie vunderbar. G.x