Bike transport

Can anyone recommend a reliable company to transport an electric bike from West Sussex to Dept 49 (near Saumur)? I would remove battery (heavy), front wheel, pedals and saddle and take them in my car. The bike would be in a corrugated cardboard Bike Box.
Any advice on Import Duty? Can this be paid in advance with documentary proof? Many stories about courier companies holding recipients to ransom and demanding extra, unjustifiable fees. Followed by a nightmare getting a refund!

If you can’t find the right company… could you fit/use roofbars to transport the Bike Box?


Phone a bike shop and ask. I know Bell’s Bicycles in Hastings sells bikes all over the world so maybe a shop local to you would too.

A rack that goes on the rear window/door is often better than roof bars: less drag and vulnerability. Used to often bring the whole families bikes to France that way.


Electric bikes are very heavy, anda standard rack might not do it. Although probably for a bikewithout battery etc etc. But no point investing in a bike rack if you can only use it for a disassembled bike.

If you have a towbar or consider a s/h bike rack or s/h roof bars - they’ll cosrt next to nothing I’d happily give you our old two bike tow bar mounted bike rack, but we’re a long way south of both Hastings and Saumur

Before boxing it up try and find some fork spacers (any decent bike shop will give you a pair as all new boxed bikes are shipped with them) or improvise in some way to brace the front forks and rear chain stays. Once the wheels are removed these bits of the frame are very weak if compressed from side to side with nothing in between and being thin and flat the bike box is highly likely to get something heavy stacked on top. I fly with carbon race bikes but even heavier alloy electric bikes need this. Buying new forks is a pain but if the chain stays crack or bend the frame is toast.


For me, the above post is an eg. of SF working at its very best! Clear, sound technical advice on a simple solution to avoid an accident or insurance claim.

Mind you, I still enjoy posting on all that arty intellectual stuff :wink: