Bill needs to be paid, but translation help...

Due to health reasons my Mum is back in the UK and not able to travel back to France yet. She had a bill through. The attachments below… . Can she pay this online? I notice a website at the top? Can I have the process of paying this please? Also there is a slip to sign and remove. Can this be down via my Mum’s bank? Just wondering how safe it is to send the slp off by post? I imagine this would be send through recorded delivery? Thank you if possible.


Website attached. (see above paragraph) Thanks you.

I’m assuming that this is Taxe Foncière (or d’Habitation) as they are due about now.

You can pay online with your mum’s french bank details (RIB) though, ideally you need to be able to read some French (or find someone who does to go through it with you).

Go to

On the 1st page look top right and you will see:


Click “Votre espace particulier”

The next page allows you to create, or log-in to your personal account on the impôts site, it is possible - if your mum has been resident full time in France and has been paying tax there that she already has an account set up - but you can pay an individual bill with just the reference numbers on the invoice (whether of not an account has been set up).

The left hand pane looks like this:

Click “Payer en ligne”

You now get taken away from the impôts site to the on-line payments site so the style of page changes a bit:

Enter the “Numero Fiscal” from the invoice and click “Continuer” and you get taken to this page:

The right hand pane allows you to set up payment by direct debit or by instalments - follow the “Payer en ligne” link at the bottom of the left hand pane to pay as a single lump sum.


The next step is this page

Enter the reference number from the invoice and click “Confirmer”.

I can’t give you screenshots past htis point because I’ve paid my TF this year so it just tells me I do not need to do so again but I think the next page is the one to enter bank details.


On my Apple devices you can upload a photograph into the Google translate App and it will translate any text.

Which is quite useful, though can still occasionally go totally off piste even with the new AI based translators.

I tried the pages in the google translator and it was pretty hopeless - either showed a blank page or the original French or produced an error message.

It might be worth trying the built in translation in Google Chrome but the results described above are not terribly promising.

My post was for information only. It’s a great resource and can save a lot of typing.


As it happens I tried all the translators I could find - none even attempted to translate the telepaiement site :frowning:

OK you win!
My post was just a pointer a useful option when translating written texts without having to restyle everything. I really dont know why you have to make an issue about it. The OP is obviously not a French speaker and is helping her mother while she is in Britain. Isn’t she entitled to be informed about the variety of tools at her disposal?
Your original reply was very comprehensive and didn’t need anything added to it, my reply was a response to the OP posting a photo and asking for a translation.

It really doesn’t look too shabby to me. Not everyone has your excellent command of written French.

It wasn’t a competition David - I was agreeing with you!

I went on to mention that the translators for webpages did not do such a good job but that was not to confuse them with the Apple app, nor denigrate your comment.

Absolutely - I think your addition was extremely helpful.

My written French is better than my spoken French, but that isn’t saying much - tenuous would be a better adjective than excellent.

Is that screenshot from the iPad app? Looks good, I couldn’t get anything useful in Firefox using, possibly because the Apple thing just OCR’s what’s on the page so won’t get confused by loads of Javascript.

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It is screenshot from my iPad. I recommended it because it really is a good tool. I presume that the app for android phones does the same.

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Yes, as far as I know. I did try it some time ago but mostly use the Wordreference app for any words that I don’t recognise these days - not quite as convenient as it requires “manual” OCR. :slight_smile:

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Thank you much Paul. Much appreciated!! Got to the last part (the most important part) to type in my Mum’s card number etc, but unfortunately, she doesn’t think she has her enough in her French account. I tried to use her NatWest Direct Debit Visa card, but no luck. I was able to use the card paying her EDF French bill. Shall I enquire with her bank?

I managed to translate each page to English. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

First part of attached. Next one in separate reply.

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You could use TransferWise or similar to transfer funds to her French account then pay with her French card.

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Looking through the various replies… I reckon you will be able to sort things out for your Mother…

When something similar arrived at our home in UK… I sent it with a covering letter, asking my French Bank to do whatever was necessary to get the payment made. In those days my French was lousy, but they seemed to understand…:roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face::relaxed:

Good luck…

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Now that I tried Chrome it actually does do a reasonable job - looking at the screenshot that Craig posted it appears that he has also discovered this.

I assume his mum has set up an account with Transferwise or someone similar to get money into her French account.


Sadly my Mum and I went to her NatWest Bank and they said she needs a RIB number which didn’t have here. Mum very sadly had a nasty fall after leaving the bank. Luckily no bones were broken so she is resting up with badly bruised knees.

In the sheet I have attached, there are phone numbers. I tried the par telepone number and there was a short recorded message and it hung up. There is Sur place. I phoned 0562992007, and there was a repeated message which sounded like I would be connected to a customer service person soon, but sadly I was on hold for several minutes. If any one could translate what they are saying, I would be grateful. Sorry about the rigmoral with this, but sadly my Mum is having treatment for a separate concern, and is unable to get back out to France. I can’t get over there currently as I am looking after Mum and in a middle of moving house. I will try and contact Mum’s bank out in France and hopefully they can help!! Here is the sheet attached with the contacts my Mum received with the French council tax bill. Thank you!! Craig

Does your Mum have her French cheque book with her?? If yes, she simply completes the section which shows in your first photo… (Date & Lieu … Signature = Date and Where + Signature) attaches a RIB “Relève d’Identité Bancaire” … which should be on one of the pages of her cheque book…

Send the two bits of paper in an envelope to “Tres. Loures-Barousse” etc … but do it with “proof of delivery” … costs a little but worth every penny. You’ll be given a receipt of postage at the POffice, which will be useful if the payment arrives late.

Sounds like a nightmare

Stella’s suggestion sounds good

If you contact the local office you might be able to get them to give you their bank details (as an IBAN) and then pay directly from your mum’s UK bank account - but I think you will need to find someone in the UK who speaks enough French.

If you do pay this way don’t forget to include the référence de l’avis on the payment