Billy the kitten's Christmas message

The Christmas season heralds a time of new beginnings and new life – but for some cats, from the moment they are born life is a struggle against disease, hunger and rejection. During 2012 Chats du Quercy has helped many cats adapt to a healthier and safer life in a new home or on the streets.
Billy’s Story
Poor Billy was cruelly neglected by his owner after an injury; this resulted in infection and eventual amputation of Billy’s leg. It didn’t worry Billy’s owner that his 4 month kitten that had been severely injured by an illegal and vicious trap (possibly at his own home?). Several days passed before Billy was eventually taken to a vet! Result, the owner didn’t want Billy as it would cost too much for his treatment, the vet said he would have to put Billy to sleep. Chats du Quercy rescued this adorable kitten but, it soon became clear that because it was just too infected Billy would not be able to keep his leg and our vet was obliged to amputate it. If Billy had been taken to the vet as soon as his owner was aware of his injury (the neighbor had informed him!), this little cat would still have its 4 legs!
Billy’s treatment will cost up to 400€
It could be said that Billy is one of the lucky ones, as we will guarantee that he will find love and security, but our battle never ends and will continue into 2013.
Chats du Quercy aims to provide solutions for local communities by promoting a comprehensive approach comprising knowledge and education of veterinary professionals and local residents, supporting cat sterilisation programmes and informing local authorities on cat welfare.
How your donation will help
A gift of:
10€ - Will help pay for flea and worming treatment.
20€ - Will help pay for a vaccination
30€ - Will help pay for an identification micro-chip
35€ - Will help pay for the neutering of a male cat
80€ - Will help pay for the neutering of a female cat
(The above indicate average vet fees charged to Chats du Quercy)
There will be many more cats needing our help in 2013, so when you are doing your Christmas shopping please consider whether you could also make a donation to help us care for our abandoned cats this Christmas, and for the ones we will need to help in the New Year.
Anything you can spare, no matter how small, is of vital help in enabling us to be on hand for innocent victims who have nowhere else to turn.
PS. Billy is doing very well and is enjoying life like any other 4 month old kitten. You can visit him at the Rescue Centre where he is integrating excellently with our other resident cats, or why not take a look at Billy’s YouTube page!!