Does anyone know anywhere outside of Paris that stocks biltong?

Or does anyone make their own? I tried last year - one batch great, three batches in the bin/dog.

One of the only things I miss here…

That is so very kind Lawry. Will pm you.


Got a SA cookbook do you want a receipe? And I think I’ve got some biltong spices knocking about, if you want to give me your address I can post you some grams if you like? Live near Poitiers, you?

Yes, I know but I’d love to be able to buy it here - or make it! I LOVE biltong. I even ordered Waitrose biltong on line - not lekker at all! So the search is still on for French biltong…

Whereabouts are you Lawry?

Lol think you may have to order it in the uk and get friends to bring it over :slight_smile: we get ours from ‘hunters’ their biltong is sommer lekker Jong :slight_smile: