(Nola d'Enis) #1

Does anyone know anywhere outside of Paris that stocks biltong?

Or does anyone make their own? I tried last year - one batch great, three batches in the bin/dog.

One of the only things I miss here…

(Nola d'Enis) #2

That is so very kind Lawry. Will pm you.


(Lawry Thomas) #3

Got a SA cookbook do you want a receipe? And I think I’ve got some biltong spices knocking about, if you want to give me your address I can post you some grams if you like? Live near Poitiers, you?

(Nola d'Enis) #4

Yes, I know but I’d love to be able to buy it here - or make it! I LOVE biltong. I even ordered Waitrose biltong on line - not lekker at all! So the search is still on for French biltong…

Whereabouts are you Lawry?

(Lawry Thomas) #5

Lol think you may have to order it in the uk and get friends to bring it over :slight_smile: we get ours from ‘hunters’ their biltong is sommer lekker Jong :slight_smile: