Bin it, reply, or file?

Sorry - i know i'm driving you all insane . . . but you may remember we got caught out with an A.E. scam... I'm now suspicious of everything that lands in my box!

so - erm - this from the RSI

'Notification De Situation'

i just cut out the little scissors bit bottom right and send it back? yes ?

x teresa

oh, 2 things...

1. J & C

shall we start a little archive of 'official dox' - and what to do?

i have a mountain since moving to france and happy to upload them if someone will check they are 'keepers' or 'chuckers'

2. the whole scam thing we got caught up in actually ended up really positive. the bank gave us all our money back, we met the lovely local chief gendarme and his missus (!) in the process, and the scam company actually DID register he husband with all the right authorities, AND his Carte Vitale is on the way ! (which we didn't even apply for - the scam company did)

Multiple personality disorder? :-)

And you're more than welcome. We are all learning from one another.

andrew, sheila, terry, tracy et all - again thanks so much for advice...

of course, there is a useful links page- silly of me, and tomorrw - if not already there 'll make sure your fabulous link is there terry - and of course being practically french myself - i'll ignore it!

thanks tracy too for spotting my 'wrong' name - ??? how weird?

grief - i'll have to look back through all the paperwork i KEEP and see if it was wrong from the start!


much love to you all - could not have survived our move to france without you!

x teresa (it think)

Here you go, Terry:

Where did that helpful collection of useful links etc. go? Any possibility, J&C, that you could put a permanent link to it on the home page? Apologies if that already exists and I'm just blind :-)

Yes, do check this, Teresa. There could just be a Tracey Ewart somewhere! When we first came here the préfecture and the sécu insisted that I was already registered according to their records. Turned out there was another Terence Williams living in Fabrèges, Lozere, but not the same Fabrèges as I live in! This one is about 20 km from us as the crow flies. Fortunately he was not born the same year as I was and he's now left or we would have been having weekly meetings to exchange mail :-))

I remember posting the same page a while ago when people thought I was joking about what you need to keep and for how long. Having said that I ignore most of it as does my OH and most French people :-O

Well spotted Tracy - better get that sorted Teresa ;-) has everything you ever need to know on it, I use it all the time for everything.

Umm - they have your name wrong on the form! or do they?

You're not kidding me! Bought another 6 folders today, and the list of things you must have in your car is growing daily, or so it would seem. Carte grise, insurance, accident report form, identity, high-viz jacket, warning signal thingy, spare bulbs, and now a breathalyser. Will soon need a second car to bring all the stuff with us! I don't think the bulbs are essential but bought a pack just in case.

that - and your huge stuffed filing cabinet should do it..!

And when my non-French friends don't believe me about the French love of paperwork, voila! Show them this link.

Stunning Terry - LINK OF THE MONTH (!)

James and C - can we give an award?

p.s. love the ones that are listed as 'Variable'

x teresa

On the question of what to keep and how long to keep it, this gives you a run down on most things

It's astonishing what you have to keep and for how long to comply with French bureaucracy. For example you have to keep every pay slip from the day you began work because when it comes to getting your pension, for example, you have to be able to produce them! Fortunately my French wife knew this!

god, no. i'm not THAT organised!

still, money in the bank - and a whole lot cheaper than the uk or ireland

ah but did you have your attestations??

Yes Suz... i'm not sure? for the sake of a stamp i'm happy to, but obv. 2012 isn't over yet...?

t x

p.s. - went to get a scrip for the husband yesterday LOADED down with a Montagne of Paper - passports proving him, me, our address, the dox, his birth... i.e. The New Me In France...

what did they want - NOTHING - pays your money - gets your pilss! Brilliant, but weird

do you need to send this back if it is 0.00? I think we had one last year and didn't do anything with it?