Bird of Peace

A small acrylic painting, 10 cms square.

For What It's Worth, The Times They Are A Changing and if you stay at The Hotel California in The Summertime there could be a War which would mean you would need Someone To Love and Love The One You're With and maybe We Shall Overcome?

Ryanair are considering offering flights to the USA. Wouldn't It Be Nice?

I Get Around and it's all Fun, Fun, Fun with those California Girls who always want to Do It Again. Ultimately, of course, God Only Knows.

"Ryanair" ???

You'll probably arrive 'In The Year 2525' and it won't feel like 'A Magic Carpet Ride' and you'll feel 'Something In The Air' when you arrive 'Born To Be Wild ' with loads of 'California Dreaming'

Let's go to San Francisco (with Ryanair for £10!)

Ok Neil, i've just put a flower in my hair !

Only if I were Grayson Perry.

All you need is love, Peter

Just come across this discussion.....really made me laugh,thanks Neil.

Hmmm...I'm a troublesome old lady. I passed the half century mark over a decade ago. ;)

Why's that mate ?

I'm knitting a 3D panel of it in yaks wool.

I don't do 'sweet', Debra, I'm a grumpy old man. (I've actually only had 16 birthdays).

Thank you, I need all the love I can get at the moment.

Neil - we love you! :)

A lovely little painting. It would make a sweet greeting card.