Bird of Peace

(neil whitehead) #1

A small acrylic painting, 10 cms square.

(Peter Bird) #2

For What It's Worth, The Times They Are A Changing and if you stay at The Hotel California in The Summertime there could be a War which would mean you would need Someone To Love and Love The One You're With and maybe We Shall Overcome?

(neil whitehead) #3

Ryanair are considering offering flights to the USA. Wouldn't It Be Nice?

I Get Around and it's all Fun, Fun, Fun with those California Girls who always want to Do It Again. Ultimately, of course, God Only Knows.

(Peter Bird) #4

"Ryanair" ???

You'll probably arrive 'In The Year 2525' and it won't feel like 'A Magic Carpet Ride' and you'll feel 'Something In The Air' when you arrive 'Born To Be Wild ' with loads of 'California Dreaming'

(neil whitehead) #5

Let's go to San Francisco (with Ryanair for £10!)

(Peter Bird) #6

Ok Neil, i've just put a flower in my hair !

(neil whitehead) #7

Only if I were Grayson Perry.

(neil whitehead) #8

All you need is love, Peter

(suzy davis) #9

Just come across this discussion.....really made me laugh,thanks Neil.

(Debra Lee) #10

Hmmm...I'm a troublesome old lady. I passed the half century mark over a decade ago. ;)

(Peter Bird) #11

Why's that mate ?

(neil whitehead) #12

I'm knitting a 3D panel of it in yaks wool.

(neil whitehead) #13

I don't do 'sweet', Debra, I'm a grumpy old man. (I've actually only had 16 birthdays).

(neil whitehead) #14

Thank you, I need all the love I can get at the moment.

(Catharine Higginson) #15

Neil - we love you! :)

(Debra Lee) #16

A lovely little painting. It would make a sweet greeting card.