Bird rescue

Is anyone able to tell me if this little one is a young adult or not?
I picked him up from the middle of the road as I was driving home. It appears he’d been caught by a car but doesn’t appear to have any serious injuries.
He couldn’t stand up when I first picked him up but he’s doing better now. He’s chirping and he had a poo on my hand when I took the picture :nauseated_face:
I’ve put some water and grain in my modified cat basket.
My plan was to see if he was ok in the morning and release him back where I found him, although not on the main road. I was worried it might be an adult with chicks but if I’d left him/her there she definitely wouldn’t have made it.
Any ideas anyone?

Blackbird chick? I came across one yesterday on a gravel path at the back of the house. It scuttled away into some long grass. I’ve been cursed by an adult blackbird recently when doing some gardening in that area so I’m hopeful it’s still feeding.

I think it’s calling for its mum if that’s the case as it won’t stop chirping. It’s sitting upright now so I’m tempted to take it back down there straightaway. The less time it spends away from mum the better.

That’s what I’d do. A couple of hours daylight left so the parents could find it.

Thanks Chris. I managed to leave him pretty much where I found him but just back away from the road. In the time it took for me to turn the car round and go back past, he had disappeared. Fingers crossed.

On the way back home, I came across these guys. The images are bad quality because I had to zoom as far as I could but it was so beautiful, I had to share.


Lovely little story…

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