Bird Stuck Behind Plasterboard

Just heard numerous scratching noises coming from behind the plasterboard in our kitchen.

The other day my wife saw birds up by the eaves where it looks like there is a gap.

I suspect that a bird has fallen into the gap between the stone walls and the plasterboard and has now fallen down 5-6 metres to the level of the kitchen.

I really don’t want to start making random holes in the plasterboard, especially as we are going on holiday in less than a week.

Any suggestions?

If it is a bird, there’s probably not a lot you can do. Had one stuck behind my bedroom wall (closed off chimney) and it went on for a few days, then stopped.
However, if there is any possibility it is mice, make sure you cover/enclose anything edible in the kitchen so that you don’t come back from holiday and find they’ve made a right mess…

That’s sad.