Bison Futé - where were all the traffic jams?

Our first guests of the season left yesterday - driving back to Holland. So I googled Bison Futé for them, expecting to see red all over the place. But no. It all looked pretty clear. And nothing much today either.

Is the north of France staying at home this year?

Not at all but they were driving against the flow! Over 700 km of traffic jams yesterday :wink:

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Yes Andrew, I know. But I was looking at a total map of France yesterday morning in real time (not previsions) and expecting to see the red lines from those coming south. Just not there. It doesn’t matter which direction you are going in if you are trying to get on the rocade at Bordeaux or Lyons. :grin:

But watching French TV the traffic jams were there allright, the figure quoted was over 700km of “bouchons”. As I was at work all day and it didn’t affect me I didn’t bother listening to the rest!