Bit of tax advice needed

Morning all

Quick bit of advice needed.

We have just sold our property in the UK, and have given our two daughters a sum from the proceeds of the sale.

I have sorted out the tax declaration in the UK, and need a bit of advice in relation to the declarations I need to do here in France.

I know I need to declare the sale to French Tax Authorities, though having done a lot of research, there should be no CGT liability, as we have held the property since 1984.

I know I need to declare the gift to our daughters, again there should be no liability as it is under the 35,000 euro limit.

Can anybody confirm when, and how I do the declarations.

If anybody can point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful



May be out of date but I found this reference as a strating point perhaps:

Tjhe CGT (social charges) position may be different if you hold an S1 of course…

For gift information see

for general information and

for the procedure

would those measures apply where the recipient of the gift is UK resident and the asset funding the gift is also derived from UK sources?

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It is not the tax residence of the recipient but of the donor. If the donor is tax resident in France then gift legislation applies to worldwide assets.


understood, thanks