Bizarre Book Titles

I've just come across an old press cutting from The Grauniad which has many examples of bizarre book titles, these are all genuine collected by Brian Lake and Russell I thought I'd share them with you!

No1 " Fun with Knotting String"

If you have any real examples, you'd like to share, we look forward to hearing them!

More tomorrow Bookworms.

More bizarre books, all on cookery this time click here to see! Anybody else got anything weird in the cookbook department?

Bizarre Book Titles No 29 “Scouts in Bondage”

Bizarre Book Titles No 28 “Fish that Answer the Telephone and other studies in experimental bilogy”

Bizarre Book Titles 27 “Drummer Dick’s Discharge”

Bizarre Book Titles No 26 “A History of the Concrete Roof Tile”. We had a copy of this at the library and in all the years I worked there nobody ever borrowed it. I couldn’t bring myself to discard it though…

Bizarre Book Titles No 25 “How to Eat a Peanut” which was published in 1900

Bizarre Book Titles No 24 “A List of Stop Cocks in the Liver Building”

Bizarre Book Titles No 23 " Frog Raising for Pleasure and Profit" …have visions of small Stanna stairlifts…do you think I should get out more?

Bizarre Book Titles No 22 “How to Boil Water in a Paper Bag”

How did you guess…

Bizarre Book Titles No 21 “Some Interesting Facts about Margarine” I think Catharine’s probably got a copy of this.

Are you sure you’re not making these up!

Bizarre Book Titles no 17 “Grow your own hair”

Bizarre Book titles No 16 “Flashes from a Welsh Pulpit”…hope it’s illustrated…

I thought as much!

OMG - I own a copy of this.

*Hangs head in shame*

Bizarre Book Titles No 15 “Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators”…unputdownable!

Bizarre Book Titles No 14 “On sledge and horseback to outcast Siberian lepers” published 1892 it apparently features the authoress wearing Jaeger’s Sanitary Woollen System, complete with Wansborough Nipple Shields…I seldom where anything else myself…I wonder if I can find a pic…

Bizarre Book Titles No 13 “The Boy Fancier”…a 1912 guide to looking after domestic pets