Black Friday Sales: Savings or Scams?

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I don’t know how Black Friday plays out in France, but it can be both in the UK, although scam is a little harsh for just paying ‘normal’ price for things. There are usually key items that get discounted, and if one is aware of usual prices then it may be possible to get a good bargain.

Some international retailers - Thomann in Germany for example - use it as an opportunity to garner extra sales and have good offers. I’m debating another guitar thanks to them.

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The Link gives advice on how to identify the “bad guys” (scams) and ensure that one gets what one pays for… :+1:
and, as always… if it seems too good to be true… it probably isn’t true… :roll_eyes:

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I wish you hadn’t said that!! I’ve been looking at a lovely hollowbody with P90s which was just out of reach (and which I really don’t need).

Let us know what took your fancy if you bought it!

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The Fat junior with a single stacked P90. I’m still playing the £35 First Act I bought as an experimental slide guitar about 4 years ago, and an upgrade would be nice. Don’t want to convert any of the other instruments to slide duty, and a junior is just right.

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AAArrrgghh - G.A.S.! I’m infected, as we speak!

What guitar? I have a brilliant wheeze to sell my 1996 Fender Strat + Deluxe [the one with silver/gold/red Lace pickups] and get a Sire Carlton S7 and a new Yamaha Revstar Standard series with P90’s. Revstar [silly name - they could have revived ‘Roadstar’, a Strat-killer of which I have, a ‘stored under the bed’ 30 year old example] There may be some change left for a hardshell case for the Revstar.

I will be on the lookout for B Stock. Better than ‘discount’ deals. You just have to wait for the one you want to go ‘B’ stock. Retailers turning over as much as Thomann and Andertons are bound to have the one you want, all in good time.

I know the problem. When I had to sell my Fender Strat Plus [and almost everything else not nailed down] due to lack of funds, I ‘Plusified’ my Ibanez Roadstar s/s/s with Lace Golds and that TBX tone control that Plus’s have.

Then funds were back and I got another Strat +. Now I had a Stat+ and an Ibby ‘Strat +’


Funnily enough, Thomann showed me that guitar. It’s lovely-looking, and the build quality of my Sire MM basses makes me confident the guitar would be great (and being hollow bodies, wouldn’t have the slight weight problem the basses share with me 🥹).

It is perfectly clear to me that the prices charged by Fender and FAR more so by Gibson are simply for the decal on the headstock. A Sire Larry Carlton H7/S7/T7 is not going to perform in any way inferior to the two great brand badges - esp Gibson whoes QC I understand has nosedived. G & L? PRS? Yamaha Pacifica? Ibanez?

I remember some old rocker saying ‘I could never afford a new Gibson but after our record charted they were sending them to me, free’


And that’s before you get to the Custom Shop/whatever level.

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My favourite guitars are all made in Japan: 80s standard strat, Tokai Les Paul '59 replica, Washburn A20 and Eagle. I’ve owned Gibson and Heritage, but prefer Japanese.

FWIW I keep my eyes open at other times looking for good deals. A few weeks back leading up to BF Vans had a 50% offer on for all their shoes, so I got a couple of pairs for around £50 (reduced twice).

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We bought our daughter’s cellos from them many years ago.

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It’s only a bargain if it’s something you really need or want.
Being conned into buying something because it is said to be a bargain is not really a good idea.7


There is also the problem of stuff not actually being what is advertised… or being “non-existent”… :roll_eyes:


Which is why, joking apart, that sort of thing is generally illegal (though widely abused).