Black Friday week 2018 - do me a favour!

It’s Black Friday week on Amazon, meaning you might get a bargain. This is by no means guaranteed as heavily discounted items were probably heavily overpriced in the first place.

Cynicism aside, if you do shop on Amazon, please get there via the links in the AFFILIATES menu above or here in this post. If you do, we get a percentage of sales, costs you no extra, comes out of Bezos’ profits!

Thanks, and happy holidays…

1st time - I have now used an affiliate link to Amazon UK - Makita Hedge Trimmer on its way.

Thanks @Mat_Davies :slight_smile:

OH has just offered a good financial plan to support his request for yet more expenditure on our little gîte :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so I pointed him towards the SFN Amazon link… :hugs:

He was uncertain… but eager to grab the opportunity to spend money… :laughing::laughing: and it was very easy… hopefully the saw will be arriving next week, but with the blockages… who knows… :thinking: whatever, there should be a few shekels for the forum coffers… :relaxed::relaxed:

He now has both the FR and UK Amazon SFN links on his top-line… (as do I)

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