Black is Beautiful

Black is beautiful
Orange and white are great summer colours and grey is nice for the autumn………… but a black cat’s coat never goes out of style!
There are so many reasons why black cats make amazing pets. Unfortunately, it’s always more challenging to find forever homes for these chic felines. If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, why not consider a black beauty? After all, he’ll go with everything!
Amour is aptly named and had a pretty tough beginning; he was abandoned with three of his siblings, he is now a 3 month old adorable kitten that is ready for adoption; vaccinated microchipped (number 250268730075554) and neutered.
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She who laps last, laps best
Have you ever watched your cat drink? You might need a high-speed camera to see what’s actually going on! A cat only laps with the tip of her tongue. So how does she quench her thirst? As she dips her tongue in and out, the water forms a column that flows right into her mouth. The key is to be quick – she laps at an incredible rate of about four times a second!

We are up to 8, Victoria - so you have a way to go!!!

The truth is that no matter how much we said we weren't having a third cat he's so sweet that I doubt we'd have surrendered him even if we had found him a home!

Thank you on his behalf Victoria.

We are well aware that it isn't just black cats who suffer from being abandonned, but they seem to get a terrible press!

Amour looks gorgeous but we've aalready got a three month old black kitten which we found abandoned in the forest. He compliments our grey cat whom we found aged four weeks in a wood pile. We tried our best to get Kevin the Kitten a home but no go, one French woman shuddered at the idea of having a black cat so last week we surrended to the inevitable and got him his jabs and a puce.

It is true Johnny, we did have a cat colour discussion a while back and I remember placing a photo of my own cuddly, cuddly black cat, Marvin. I also think there is a little something in the colour of a cat's coat and their character traits. Many years ago in the Uk we had a long-haired tortie with attitude! the vet was always very wary as she had a good memory too!

If you look close, regina, he actually has tabby markings! He is so adorable, and I would like to say that ALL cats are beautiful too - not just the black ones!!

It is from these medieval times of superstition that black cats, even now, are passed by. A lday who adopted a black cat recently told me that the french are very superstitious becasue at the battle of Waterloo, a black cat crossed between the french and english lines, stopped halfway, glanced at the french, before walking on. They then believe that it cast a spell on them to loose the battle.

I'm not sure this story is true but it makes for interesting conversation!!

Amour is really adorable and I hope he will soon find a loving home!

I have never ever owned a black cat, but always wanted one. Our next adoption will definitely be a black one (and a "cow cat"). My mother had a black cat with just a few white hairs on her chest. Apparently there are no completely black cats left anymore after they got killed in masses during the Middle Ages and out of ridiculous superstition! I bet you can still trace a few white hairs somewhere in Amour's coat?

Well, he's ne-utered and be-autiful so = neautiful seemed perfectly ok to me! lol

I should learn to spell Chrissie, neautiful now changed to Beautiful!!!

Thanks for passing the message around

Hope Claire reads this... she already has 3 gorgeous jet black cats but I'm sure she'd find space for another one!

[Sorry Claire! lol]