Blogging in (Living) France

I love blogging. I enjoy writing about my life in France, the good and the bad bits, and being able to share it with friends and family all over the world is great. I write for me and don't get too hung up with stats, but getting comments is always very special. I was recently contacted by Living France magazine as they were compiling a feature on blogging in France and they said some really nice things about my blog (blush).

It started with an email, then a telephone interview, and finished off as a superb double page spread in the Living France magazine, December issue. I hope you will agree it is a lovely piece, I am very pleased and just a little bit chuffed (to pieces). To have a proper read you will need to get your hands on a copy of the magazine, which is in the UK shops at the moment.

Thanks Jean, hope you are well!

That's great Jacqueline - it seems so long since we met you at the get together over in the Deux Sevres back in March. I'm glad that you are getting some recognition for your writing, and hope to read more in the future

Thank you Christopher.

Well done it looks fantastic.