Bloody hell!

Made my blood boil to read this…easy prey once again for mindless thugs !


Yes, saw this earlier - completely disgraceful.

The really sad thing is that the chances of catching these thugs is probably quite small.

Horrible, terrifying ordeal for this couple.

Strikes me that the dispicable males were looking for any target on which to reek havoc/mayhem/violence - such bullies. What is wrong with these people !!!

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Wow, what a time to be alive !

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Sorry ladies/women/girls everywhere, we men are not all like that.

Of course not Mark there are some wonderful men around.
It’s a shame that us females are seen as such easy prey. We often don’t have the same freedom to be out and out about and having a good time without having to suffer some form of abuse or another.
I have been in some tricky situations even in daytime and whilst working in the UK in the past and it seems that little progress has been made …

I’m talking about “the despicab le males” involved in the attack - not you lovely gentlemen on the Forum - and elsewhere. :hugs:

Apparently they’ve got the pond life that did this. Give me just 5 minutes with them… :rage::rage::rage:

I know it’s not particularly relevant but one of the ladies is a Ryanair flight attendant - trained to serve and help people and even save their lives in emergencies. Makes the hairs stand up on my neck and tears roll down my face. What a world :cry::cry::cry:

What a world indeed…and what will these scum get, maybe a ‘slap on the wrist’, it will be a great laugh for them and give them some street cred.
For these ladies I would imagine that it is something they will never forget and will have an impact on their future outings !

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Not really men at all, kids, probably high on something.
It makes you feel sick.

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Shocking that men/boys can be so depraved in an era where education is progressive and tolerance should be a normal part of life.
Theresa May rightly condemned the attack, pity she doesn’t rehire 20,000 police!


I thought I grew up in a pretty rough environment, but surely ‘street cred’ doesn’t apply now to this sort of garbage? It beggars belief that the world has changed so much that young men (and sorry Jane they ARE young men, just as I was at that age,and working) would actually boast about this?

The very last thing anyone would boast about in my younger and even older days - down in the pits with child molesters and animal cruelty. Yes, discipline and standards have gone down over the years - and sorry if that sounds like the old fart I am, there were still some standards that applied to being considered a ‘man’.

I wonder what the parents think about it/them? Or is it now just a big joke as others have indicated?

And in Birmingham, where teachers are trying to educate kids to understand that there is nothing wrong with being gay, no action is taken against a moslem parent group who are keeping their kids away from school in protest… and to cap it all, they get the backing of their politically correct local MP! Total and utter disgrace.


Wouldn’t it just be easier if the yUK just adopted the notion (being a declared multi-racialist country) that the responsibility for teaching your kids about religion is the parents responsibility, not that of the State?
You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time…

If people want to live in the UK and send their children to state schools, they can’t pick and choose what their children are taught.
They have to follow the national curriculum.
One of the ways that children are integrated into UK society is by learning together at school.


Problem is some parents are prejudiced, racist or both.

no change there then :rofl:

That may be true, but I can ssure you that Muslim countries are far more stringent than anything in the UK or anywhere else.

My own working and living life has spanned half the globe, and as far as I am concerned the Host Country has every right to impose its own creed and standards on those who want to live or work in their countries.

Apart from anything else it is plain good manners! What one feels from outside their space is a different thing.

A bit confused why you’re directing this reply to me.
It’s because parents can be prejudiced or racist that I think the UK should allow schools to educate children on differing religions and cultural viewpoints and my reply was not to Jane.

You now have me confused as you talked about racism and prejudice towards people of a different origin? That was the essence of my reply - or I thought it was.