Bloody Orange

So, after the week before last’s Internet problems I thought I’d check the dossier ot see if a visit is still marked for the 7th - this is what I find…

I most definitely was bloody well there :rage:

Not that I’m surprised.



Been there done that :grin: Orange at it’s very best! But if they show up and you’re not there you get charged :man_shrugging:


I wouldn’t mind but I contacted them the same evening to try to make sure that didn’t happen.

I had similar problems with Orange until I moved to Sosh. I genuinely have no idea how Sosh manages to solve with ease issues that defeated Orange but that’s been my experience. Bon chance…

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Complete runaround - they can’t won’t correct the “dossier” even though it’s a) wrong and b) likely to result in a charge.

they claim that the bill won’t be generated until the problem is ifxed - but, then, that looks like they’ve closed the fault until I prod them again.

Think I need to keep a close eye on my bills for a few months

To cap it all they have now changed tune and are saying I do need to be present for a visit - I suspect they’ll send one guy round again (or not) when they need two and a cherry picker.

I’m pretty sure they actually have to pay YOU a fixed amount when they don’t turn up. I may be thinking of electricity visits, but would make sense if phone line visits are covered as well.

Naturally just like La Poste or courier… surely they leave something in your mailbox to prove they were there? I’d phone them about that and ask about compensation. Tempting also to wonder aloud about data subject access requests (the French do have that stuff too) and what data might be retrievable about the movements of an assigned vehicle that day if they still try to lie.

I don’t suppose you happen to have any home security cameras covering the front off your house or a Nest doorbell, by any chance?

If you’re feeling mischievous then you could pretend to Orange that you do have footage showing nobody visited :wink:

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We have been waiting patiently for fibre to arrive in our commune. We have been on the email alert list of its arrival for many months. We were advised it had arrived in late April and immediately secured a RDV via our Orange et moi personal espace.
RDV secured for fibre installation on 28th May. I printed out all the details which of course included our address which was correct.
Phone call from the engineer on the 28th to say he was running late but would be with us by 10am. Another call at 11am to say he couldn’t find us, what is your house number, I am currently stood at —. There are only 5 houses in our hamlet and due to the unique numbering system used I know knew there wasn’t a number —.
Needless to say tge engineer didn’t arrive and for 11.30 onwards my calls to his mobile were greeted with person not avialable please call back later.
I decided to take a drive around our commune and came across 3 different engineers installing fibre at 3 different locations and none knew the name of our engineer.
Our installation requires the replacement of some 50m of overhead wire in addition to internal installation and my feeling is that oyr engineer came ill equipped fir such an installation and chickened.
I rang Orange at 2pm that day to complain. They asked me to repeat our address and advised that the postcode thet had was not the same as ours hence the engineer couldn’t find us!
The paperwork I had printed when the order was placed clearly showed the correct post code!!
We now have a new RDV for 25th June, we shall see.
Orange are indeed a law unto themselves.

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Once it is installed and working, fibre from Orange is brilliant. The same cannot be said for the process of actually getting it installed.

We too experienced issues that drove me insane. It was partly due to the underground pipes, but even so the guys doing the installation just seemed largely unprepared.

I wonder if they are using subcontractors / freelancers for the installations? That’s happening a lot with telecoms/fibre installs and repairs in the UK.

I remember when we had issues with our phone line during Covid, more than once a “bloke in a van” representing Openreach turned up not knowing what he was supposed to be doing.

But even directly employed technicians don’t always get the right info from “the office”.

I really want to know how much it would have hurt just to say “sorry about that, I’ll make sure it’s noted”. Mind you the person that I spoke to on the day of the missed RDV said they would note it and clearly did not.

It’s *possible* they phoned the fixe - during the original conversation the guy asked for a contact number and I gave him my UK mobile - this was accepted without query but I’m starting to think that they can’t deal with that (though no one has actually come out and said so unambiguously) - clearly I was expecting the call on my mobile and was outside some of the time (with the phone in my pocket).

TBH though Orange have lost me as a customer over this - maybe not this year, maybe not even next but if I can get an unlimited data SIM it is likely I will drop Orange and use that.

I’m having one of those “Orange/Sosh” moments too.

Last Tuesday a local farmer’s trailer ripped down the fibre that, 1100m later, we’re at the end of. It can supply 8 houses, but there are three currently using it (ours included).

The original installation is at fault, having left too much slack in some roadside trees, hence why a large trailer could catch it.

I had great hopes for a swift repair in the few days that followed - constant exchanges on the Sosh messagerie with, it seemed, real people. However, they’ve now curtailed the conversation saying it’s in the hands of the technical team.

My neighbour who has also lost his line (Orange client) used the old school method of 'phoning up to complain but was told that he’s down for a téléphonique rendezvous on the third of July about it!

It’s been a real pain using the phone to Hotspot, although I’ve had 200Go of data added for free. I’m very busy with prep for an event at this time of year. Grr…

I’m about to be away for a month, leaving the household to struggle on their own Hotspot (not with Orange/Sosh, so no data add-on). Who knows if it will get repaired before I return…?

I believe there are a couple of French words expressing regret but I’ve never heard a business use them. A few years ago I tore the wretched Speedo swimming trunks I had specifically bought to go to the pool on a nail sticking out of a water slide. The closest you get to “sorry” is a shrug, which was all I got.

Like you I think it is cultural - sorry if Véro is reading :slight_smile:

The state (or enterprise and Orange is a holdover from France Telecom so sort of both) cannot make a mistake - so it must be you.

To be fair you get that attitude in the UK as well (though usually just government/civil service stuff)

Why be sorry for saying so? It’s a statement of fact, people are bad at admitting their (own or corporate) mistakes or oversights or whatever, it is cultural I think, I don’t personally think it’s useful or good or even universal in France, but it is certainly a majority mindset.


Probably that British thing of being slightly apologetic for criticising :slight_smile:

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That is such a difference isn’t it, the “I’m sorry but” intro to varying levels of criticism from very mild to nuclear; I do it too, in English - in French we mostly just say whatever it is without apologising.


Having helped a few folks with Orange Liveboxes set up their WiFi networks, I don’t think the WiFi modules in the Liveboxes are very good.

Disabling the WiFi from the Livebox and connecting up even a cheap 300mbps TP-Link WAP stops the packet drops and jitters nicely.

A bit like the old Virgin Media Super Hubs. Great for turning light into 1s and 0s. Rubbish at being a WAP.

I don’t use it (Livebox WiFi) anyway.

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