Blown loft insulation and mice

We are looking at the “insulate your loft for 1€” offer. Its blown glass fibre.
FIrstly are there any gotchas for this offer?
Secondly I occasionally have mice in my loft, will I have any access or will I get a load of insulation on my head when I open the loft access?

Hi Patrick… a young family, in a hamlet nearby, are able to profit from this offer, for their home… but he has to make sure the roof is “air-tight” (something like that)…before the company do the stuff…

Has this been discussed/mentioned in your case… ??

No mention of that, yet, just to remove anything stored there. Old insulation seemed no problem.

He spoke rapidly and with the local patois accent… but it was something like… no point them blowing it in, if it blows out through the holes in the roof…:roll_eyes:

probably his roof is in worse repair than yours…

You need to seal off any holes or it will drop down through them. Maybe @robert_moon can advise on mice using it for bedding?

Have a look at this too

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If I were getting blown in glass fibre, I would want the loft space hermetically sealed. Why when these Gov offers are on UK and France is it only for the crappiest material. Why not charge €100 and use rockwool?
BTW the only way to stop rodents etc is block off all entrance points end of.

Really cannot believe they would use such materials in a house, in this age. I would say this “stuff” is not safe. The old insulation was the same material - years ago…and you were supposed to wear masks, and even overalls to handle it.
Would you put that in your house ?? I suppose money talks…then just leave it for an unsuspecting buyer in the future. Any seal broken then stuff would get everywhere…and what about building maintenance./ access …nah , would never use it.

If you seal all the holes as mentioned above, then the rodent problem should go way, unless they are getting in through the walls. With regard to any loft maintenance, blown fibre is a pain for any technician as they can’t see the rafters to walk on. It is also very difficult to place any bait, notwithstanding the need to be fully masked up.

Good luck

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Can anyone provide a link so that I can see if I qualify


there’s a number of them but I qualified with

I changed my mind though since my koft would be hard to make reasonably