Blue Peter turns 60

This show has been with me through the decades… such fun…:hugs::hugs::hugs:

Always loved Blue Peter and watched it avidly when I was young.

I even got a Blue Peter badge once because I raised some money for charity when I was 15. Sadly, I lost it in one of my house moves years ago.

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I looked at that earlier. I’ve actually met six of the presenters, usually when they’ve been on holiday but John Noakes when he was visiting a Dutch art museum on a pensioners’ coach holiday and I was there with a group of Y6 schoolchildren.


Who could ever forget the Sticky back plastic, metal coathangers covered with tinsel, fairy liquid bottles, and…“down Shep” ? Great days and such innocence, if I remember correctly I think I saw it in B & W on a really old tv my parents had !


I definitely saw it in B&W… it was inspiring to watch what they got up to… I used to raid the cupboards and drive my parents mad with all the wonderful ideas…:open_mouth:

but I never did get an elephant… :wink:

Ditto and John, Val and Peter are the presenters that I identify with most strongly.

John later became quite bitter about his time on the show.