BnB in 86150 Le Vigeant / L'Isle Jourdain

Bought the house last September, nothing much to do apart from painting and decorating and installing one bathroom. Now we just got approval from the mayor and we’re open as a Chambre d’hotes and already had bookings, which is nice :grin:

We’re still transitioning from Switzerland and having fun with French Bureaucracy. Like you do.


Bob, glad you have bookings already. Unfortunately, French bureaucracy is really not that much fun. For efficiency it is on a par with French service.
However, having said that, we would not want to return to UK. It is so beautiful in our part of France, the Clunysois, and we have made really good friends.
I hope you enjoy your life in France.

We stopped at the municipal camp site at L’isle Jourdain last july, was meaning to stop one night but ended up staying for four, a really lovely part of France, we loved the recreation area by the lakes.

Enjoy your new life Bob, you picked a good area to live.

Thanks Michael,

we used the campsite with our camper van a few times while sorting out the house buying. It’s not so well known, cheap as anything, and it’s got all you need. Super place.

Thanks Jane. It’s worse than Swiss officialdom and that’s saying something :grinning:

Hope you do well. My advice; buy an extra wide ironing board and a steam iron with a tank, you will sail through all that bedding. I’m sure you have registered with the Mairie, but have you registered for a drinks licence…even for orange juice. Enjoy all the lovely people you will meet, and ignore the difficult ones!