Bo key for post box

Hi all.

Purchased our house near Duras in January and plan to move full time to france by Easter when we will be operating a cookery school. The problem I have is that I have received post which is in the green box at the end of our lane and I have no key.

Is the post box mine there fore I can simply prize it open!

Or is the green box the property of la Poste and do they supply me with a new key or box.

Where do I buy a new box.

Many thanks



My wife is an amazing chef. we have worked all over the world me as a wine guy for 30 years. Emma -has worked with many of the top chefs in London and the -best restauarants in the Caribbean, Switzerland, Italy. We are opening a very informal cookery school to show people how great the produce around our house is. And to give them a flavour of the area. We really don't like fancy, ponced up food. But many people, especially in England have forgotten how to enjoy, simple good quality food. Many chefs would rather cook a piece of meat in a water bath, then braise it and possible a quick grill before it even sees a plate. We believe that taking a great piece of meat and simple roasting it over wood is a better option. We should be up and running by late Summer.

Looks like I need to investigate a bit more

Thanks zoe

Many thanks Andrew

Cookery school ... sounds great ... tell me more? Your market? Your speciality(ies)?

I imagine it does depend on the area. We just moved here las summer, has trouble getting the post office to aknowledge us, because they didn't want to believe that a person could renovate a cowshed and live in it. The actual lady that delivers our mail is great, but she did mention that the commune was "moving forward", and that all the boxes were being changed, and bunched together at the ends of roads, at intersections and so on, and that nobody had any control over keeping their mailbox outside their gate anymore. The idea being that the postie delivers all houses on the road without even getting out of her car, in one go.

Down in the post office itself, they asked for proof of address in the beginning... and them being the link in the chain in us getting any proof of address, that was impossible. They asked "what house is it, who lived there before", and eventually said "but you can't live in a shed", and went on to "but you'd never get planning permission for that"...... Well, we do live here, and we DID get planning permission. That's up to the mayor, thanks V muchly, and not the busybody in the post office. Lol.

I fail to see why these people go out of their way to make life hard for people. Surely dealing with undeliverable post is even harder than just bundling it off on the person with the name on the envelope.

As for John, above, I'd say the post office have either left it on the box, and it's been nicked, or a "do gooder" either a neighbour or some old dot cotton that works at the post office has decided to take it into their hands of confidence, lol.

It might be worth asking La Poste, though, before reverting to vandalism.

depends on the area, zoe, la poste have never done that down here :-( OH's uncle and a cousin work for la poste, i can imagine their reply if i asked them to instal one...!

We have recently had our old postbox removed, only to be replaced by the green one, but at a completely different location. They installed the boxes, but our post in it, and left the key in the box. I believe this is standard procedure. Our neighbours managed to get their key, as did we, but there is a house up the road and the occupants use it as a second home, and the keys disappeared after two days. They have obviously been stolen, because they don't have them, and neither has LA Poste.

I asked the factrice about the postbox, because I was in the process of building our own box, in the style of a beehive (without the bees, of course), and she told me that she can only put the post in a "La "Poste" green box now, and that the box belongs to them, so I cannot take it out.

the post box is yours and you can buy a new one at any DIY shop ;-)