Driving home earlier today a boar came out of nowhere and ran in to the right hand side of my car. Fortunately neither I or my passengers were hurt. A man stopped to see if I needed any help but we both hurried back to our cars when the animal seemed to rally. A full grown boar like this one is huge, solid and dangerous. There have been reports of people being killed by them - I certainly wasn't going to hang around near an injured one. I continue on slowly, the bumper trailing along the ground until I reached the garage. I know the owner quite well and after he shook my hand, he looked at the car. There was much shaking of his head as he rocked back and forwards. I will have to wait until Wednesday after a visit by an 'Expert', to find out what the actual extent of the damage is and how long it may take to repair.

We often see the debris of small boar on the N79 just south of Macon and they are in the woods not far from us.

What about the Boar?