Don't know how it happened, but my google chrome browser has been taken over by Bobrowser. I have searched the web and tried to get rid of it without success. The web tells me to download a browser removal tool, as if I try to do it the browser will fight back and damage my computer. I am fed up with all the pop up ads and being diverted to other advertising sites when I load a page. Being loyal to SFN I have tried to place an order with Amazon using the SFN link, only to confirm and be diverted to another site unconnected with Amazon, trying to take the order. Any computer experts out there who can help

1. Go to Chrome extensions. Check if you find something suspicious there.
2. Review software installed on your computer from the Windows Control Panel and see if there is something that you do not remember installing. Uninstall them.
3. Run Malwarebytes anti-malware to scan for malware. You can download this free tool from here(
4. Reset your Chrome browser from Settings.
Here is a guide ( that I wrote to help with this. Try the steps mentioned above and the guide I linked to.
Good luck.

You unintentionally accepted it, they are very sneaky getting us to do that without noticing. Get rid of it using the solution Ian is suggesting then keep a link to virus research for any future malware. This is how the competition is trying to worm its way in, bl**dy.........

Hi John. This process is sound :

Then download Malwarebytes (free version is already an excellent tool) :

and run it to see if anything is left.

As a general rule, this kind of crap comes bundled with other downloads, so always read the fine print and uncheck unwanted options very carefully.