Body pump classes

Hi eveyone.

I'm trying to find a class in 22. Anyone heard of anything? Any other fans out there? Would love to connect with you.

Also looking for someone join me and help boost my motivation to come swimming with me. Nice excuse for a chat and a coffee afterwards too ;0)


6pm at Loudeac tonight. See you there?

the EU run away with fingers in their ears saying 'we can't get involved' LOVE IT.
Sounds just the kind of paper trail I have come to expect here. One lowers one's expectations to cope. Although mine are so low now, if i was a limbo dancer I'd have buckled. :0)

One step at a time. Sorry - it sounds like a nightmare for you. And there are people desperate for good instructors. There are some classes I've tried that wouldn't motivate a gnat.

You mean the basic qualification or Les Mills?

The basic stuff is TWO YEARS here (most of which is as a slave 'stagaire' in a gym.)

I am fully qualified in the European Framework (EHFA Leve 3) which France is part of, however as it is a regulated professions, the EU run away with fingers in their ears saying 'we can't get involved'

I had already contacted ENIC/NARIC who said they are 'not competent' to assess fitness diplomas. No that honour goes to the Ministry of Sports via the local Department of Sport. One merely needs to put together a dossier that includes
- Handwritten (yes by hand) letter of motivation
- Identity photograph
- Copy of passport
- Copy of diplomas (and yes translated by a sworn translator to French)
- Content of the study including hours spent (again translated to French)
- Listing of professional experience in relation to the diplomas singed by employers and describing 'precisely' the job functions and public encountered
- Justification of level of performance
This is all put together at the local ministry, signed, stamped and passed on to a "commission" at the ministry of sport who will reply "within two months" to my request. The result will be all or part recognition which will allow me to teach 'for a limited time'
After that I need to apply for a 'carte professionnelle' (more or less same procedure as above' which allows me to teach (if awarded) for five years.
Oh and a I will probably "require a training upgrade to the 'regulatory framework of France'
There are times I just hate this country...

Tim. Why don't you start a 'private' class?

I know of a lady who did similar to you - instructor for Les Mills.

She had to go through the course again - in french.

I'd love to teach it, as I am qualified to teach BodyPump, BodyCombat and RPM (Les Mills verision of indoor cycling) - I was in Sheffiled at the weekend and the new stuff coming in the new year is awesome.

Unfortunately trying to get my UK qualifications recognised and a 'Carte Professionelle' making getting a Carte Vitale out of RSI seem like childs play :-(

Anyone with UK fitness qualfications manage to get them recongised to teach here?

Another great couple of classes last night. Enjoyed pump and then zumba afterwards. Utterly pooped by the end but endorphined to the hilt and v happy. Great energy and a fabulous instructor. It's the best gym I've found round here. But that is a matter of personal opinion.

Next one: Friday evening. 18.45 for Pump followed by Zumba. Come on gals!

Great. Hope to see you there tomorrow evening Leeanne.

Hi Leanne! So I went last night - and it was AWESOME! The class is so similar (I can't say more on here for legal reasons) you can hardly tell the difference. It's better than YAKO pump if you've tried that here in France (poor substitute without the motivation from the instructor).

You can see where, when and how much on the link i put up. I'm joining Sante Forme (loudeac) for the year so come with me! There's another english lady coming too.

When we went last night to have a look-see, they let us in to both classes to try them - for free.

I'm going to go religiously on Tuesday and Friday evenings. There is a great Zumba class straight after so I'll stay for that too. There are also squash courts and a gym.

So, you coming on Tuesday night? It's been too long to make this happen but finally it is on our (kind-of) doorstep. Go on - do it. Am sure you'll get your first taster free too.



There is Body Pump in Plerin:

And they are coming to Loudeac! I rang the gym which currently offers Body Sculpt. But as they are a les mills accredited gym they will be adding Pump real soon. I'm going to check it out tonight - and say that if they do add it I'll sign up for the year.

Any more for anymore?!

:0) I didn't. What is it? it's a fitness class where the instructor is at the front of the class to shout at you to make sure that you all complete one track of using free weights for each muscle group. Really REALLY good. Much less boring than trying to complete all the reps on your own in a gym.

I have not found a class sadly. However, whilst back in the UK for a few months, I have recorded two different classes for BP. At least I can play them and do the class when back in France.

I love swimming. But the nearest pool is a good 30 mins away by car. I obviously didn't plan well when buying my dream home ;0) I WISH i had room to put in a pool at home - sadly not tho. Never mind - i'll keep pumping instead...

Better late than never? di you find the body pump class????

and PS, what is it?

been lost in france too damn long you see;

into fitness and good swimmer, cups of tea , coffee and apero! ss

Love the title - we're obviously a very polite bunch of blokes here - no sordid remarks about body pumping... yet :-O

Triathalons eh... blimey. I am slowly sinking into a very unhealthy lifestyle and it's driving me nuts. I need to put the brakes on that and rediscover some muscles I'm sure I used to have.

Pontivy is 30 miles from me. We could meet in Loudeac? There's a fitness centre there which has some classes i'd like to check out - and a pool. But - as always only day i went to go and have a look, it was closed (that day only).

hi Body Pump fan too used to go 3 times a week in the UK and body conditioning too..... We presently live in Brittany - there is nothing like that here !!! - we move to the Limousin soon and I hope to find a class.... In the meantime have been using Ladens Bums and Tums on Fitness TV and The Perfect Bum - Body and Balance also Carribean workout !!! Its not Bannatynes but you know its better than sitting on my bum!!!

Good Luck

Hi Natasha - i'm just the other side of Plaintel (heading south from St Brieuc)

I have found a class in Plerin -

where abouts are you?


Hi Georgina,

Where about in 22 are you? I would love to find a Body Pump class but havent been able to find anything like it nearby.