Boiler problem

My lovely old oil fired boiler has gone bung according to my very good Chauffagistes.

I can’t remember the brand - starts with O - I’m not there at present - it happened when friends were there briefly. I can’t get back there (the virus) so can’t I access the handbook etc

I’ve had it serviced every year in spite of not using it much and was always assured it was in good fettle.

My Chauffagist says ‘buy a new one’ - 8,000 Euros min. I cant afford / justify that.

They tell me the burner and transformer (an integrated unit perhaps) is broken and no parts available. I’m thinking what happened to ingenuity, repairs (remember that?) sourcing used spare parts or even sourcing a used but working order boiler?

Fortunately I have a new wood burner - even more fortunate I’m not there at present.

But I like my central heating with its ancient radiators and plumbing so am determined to keep it - but not at any cost.

Any (polite) suggestions?

What rotten luck.

However, I reckon you should wait until you can get back there… before making any decisions.

take care and keep safe… :relaxed:

You’ll find plenty on e-bay etc etc.

Thanks Warren. Sadly nothing useful on - all very expensive, nothing on Le Boncoin, tho’ plenty on ebay UK - long way to go for a used / economy boiler…

Replacement burner units (with integrated transformer) are available which are fairly generic. With the addition of a little ingenuity it may well be possible to just change the burner unit if the rest of the boiler is in good order.
Have a look at this link:
It comes with what is described as a universal fitting clamp.

Excellent - thanks Robert - this is what I’ve said to my Chauffagiste company - indeed I used the very same word as you - ingenuity!

I’ll pass your info / weblink on to them.

I’m very grateful to you for backing up my suggestion to them to think a bit harder rather than just say the boiler is stuffed!

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I’ll send you a private message in the morning if I may. I have some info which might just enable you to fix the thing for no cost at all apart from getting your hands dirty.

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Bonjour Alec
Assume no gas on the property?
CHAM installed state of the art gas condenser boiler for under 4000 euros.
Next horror. Getting the ancient rads drained - lord knows how much that will be.
Would like an open wood fire but told we have to have the chimney lined - house is 3 storeys - wonder what that will cost buy hey - so lucky to be living in a lovely 200 year old house with lovely neighbours in a lovely street in a lovely town with three chateaux (Amboise) so all good.
Bonne Chance!

Thanks for the suggestion Pamela but no gas, no chateaus but do have a 15th century church across the grass, and warm neighbours but I can’t hug them anymore.

And the wood fire is a great fallback when a boiler goes bung…