Bon Pour Accord

Hmph, Bon Pour Flipping Accord.

This morning on the day we are supposed to receive the structural engineers study (waiting for 3m) I get an email from the archi asking me to send the signed fee proposition letter from July. I wrote back saying I had already signed this and gave it to him in person back in July.

Anyhow I duly printed it off, signed it again and given my scanner isn't working (on the 2014/15 to do list) I kept an eager eye for the post lady and gave it to her prioritaire. Super. I wrote back to Monsieur Archi saying I'd already given it to them and could they check their file but also explained another copy is in the post.

This afternoon I get a reply saying oui Madame we have that copy but you didn't write Bon Pour Accord. Well I didn't write it this time either...I signed it UNDER the Bon Pour Accord which was typed on the bottom indicating where the signature goes - right? No apparently I was supposed to re-write Bon Pour Accord under the typed Bon Pour Accord or else its not acceptable.

So that's another copy now I said hmph. Bon Pour Flipping Accord.

When exactly I will get my engineers report I don't know but I guess this has just given him a few more days grace non?!