Bone cancer

Has anyone had spinal bone cancer and is still here to talk about it. 2016 i had breast cancer left with one breast, that is OK Been having lots of back pain and had a IRM MRI few days ago result three lesions of bone cancer on the spine.Will be going back to hospital in Paris for a visit next week.Has any SF members benn through a treatment to give me a chance to live a long long time am 74 years old.
Am ready to try any treatment to stop the lesions going everywhere. Keep my fingers crossed to have some good news from you.My OH is devastated , it will be me looking after him.

Do not know any treatments but wishing you both wellness and long life

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Carol - really sorry to her your news but hey - you must be a tough, brave cookie to have seen off breast cancer in the past! Looks like you’ve been dealt another ‘challenge’ - go get it girl! Sending you, and your OH, loads of positive wishes! :kissing_heart:


That’s grim Carol, I hope the hospital throws everything at it and am sending you all my good wishes and positive thoughts


First of all, although I only know you through SF please accept my condolences regarding this news which must be devastating.

You need to speak to a sensible (and hopefully sympathetic) oncologist - I can give you some names in the UK if you wish a second opinion (Prof Ian Smith at the Royal Marsden would be about top of the list).

This does not sound like bone cancer (sarcoma) but secondary breast cancer in the bones - which is a common place for it to spread. Treatments for the two are very different.

If you haven’t already had one the first step should be a CT (TDM, I think, in French) scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis or a PET (TEP) scan to look for problems elsewhere. Your oncologist might want a further biopsy to confirm that it is breast cancer or to check whether the breast cancer has changed behaviour when it spread.

After that treatment options will vary depending on the scan results and whether your cancer was hormone sensitive or HER2 positive. Were you started on “hormone tablets” when you had your original treatment?


Fingers crossed for you Carol next week. Sounds like Paul knows more than us so I hope that helps.

All the best Carol, cross everything for you.

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@Paul Thank you all for your wishes For the hormonotherapy i have been on it for two years, .Thank you so much. and all your good wishes. see you later have a nice evening

Hi Carol,
My late wife (passed away in 2012) originally had cancer of the colon but developed secondaries (because she waited too long before doing anything about it !) in the liver, lungs and finally the spine. The only cancer which was cured totally was actually in the spine. She developed spinal cancer about three or four months before passing away from the liver problems. She asked if the doctors could relieve the pain in her back as she knew she would be spending much of the rest of her life in bed. The doctors gave her 20 sessions of radio-therapy on the spine at the rate of two per week if I recall and the back pain cleared up a few weeks later with no sign of the spinal cancer apparent. This enabled her to have a much more ‘comfortable’ last few months which was important to her of course.


@ Paul I go to a hospital in Paris where i was treated before they are excellent doctors.

for Peter it must be hard for you telling us about your wife who passed away in 2012 thank you so much anyway as maybe there is a possibility the doctors can get rid of these lesions.
Have a happy life Peter .Bless you all.


OK, when you see your oncologist, as well as ordering scans and any other tests he or she might want to change your hormone based treatment as well while waiting for all the results to come back.

Wishing you luck with the consultation then :slight_smile:

Not the best news and my heart goes out to you and your husband…you’re a brave lady…you’ve done it once and you can do it again…I don’t know of anyone who’s life hasn’t been touched by cancer…I have a friend who on diagnosis of cancer and after a lot of research opted for a wide range of dietary supplements including CBD oil…Turmeric coconut oil and black pepper (golden paste)…apricot kernel oil…apple seeds…drinking juice daily made from a vast array of vegetables…cutting out all sugar and processed food to give his body the best chance of what may lie ahead…at all times he worked closely with his hospital consultant to monitor tumour growth/shrinkage and is now in remission and has been given the all clear…My own daughter has cancer…Wishing you all the very best Carol…x

Can’t add anything better that has already been said. Good luck Carol.

Oh Carol - James and I are so very sorry to hear that. But as others posters have said, you are a strong lady, so hang on in there.
Please keep us posted. Sending you lots of love, virtual hugs and support
C&J xx

Carol, that is tough for you.
I had a mastectomy in 2002 after being misdiagnosed.
I am sure you will get the best of treatment in Paris and you can back it up by bring positive
I send you all my best wishes and as you can see, people are rooting for you.

Awful news, I can’t offer any advice so sending you lots of positive good wishes and hugs for a successful outcome xxx

@All Thank you so much for all your wishes there are lots of good things happening on Survive France. Thanks for everything you do , Catherine et James xxxxxx

@Jane Many thanks Jane all the best for you xxx

Hoping that above advise is and will help you. I have marrow bone cancer. It’s never cured just in remission. The oncologist here in frejus is brilliant dr guchnev , I re named him doctor goodnight lol.
Had serious chemo and an auto greffe, isolation for 3 weeks.
I am now back at work part time which is very good for the moral.
Like you I try hard to beat this and never give up hope. You are a very brave lady from what I gather.
May you be well and mostly pain free. I take a treatment for pain Izaldi . Very good for severe pain, i only take when really needed,if not the best cure is to rest as much as possible, i say when I can i can . But when I can’t I can’t. I don’t try to fight when pain is bad, i rest and this helps very much.
May you continue in this struggle for many years to come. Your hubby will need you lol lol.
I wish you lots of health and strength to beat this :blush: we all need to chat sometimes. Feel free to contact me.
Lovely to hear from you
Bon courage, xxxxxxxx