Bonnes Fetes!

(Catharine Higginson) #1

Well the fetes are all but over and I can look forward to dispatching the kids back to school, tout bloody suite. Forget New Years Eve - I will be quaffing a bottle of champers around 9.05 am on Monday morning and celebrating a bit of peace and quiet.

But in the spirit of Christmas, I would like to wish all my dear and loyal readers, a Very Happy New Year and lots of Wealth, Health and Happiness. As all of these have been in rather short supply, chez nous, during the last twelve months, I am hoping that my fairy godmother will be bringing me bucketfuls of good tidings on a regular basis throughout 2010.

We are now twelve hours into the New Year and so far, so good. This morning the husband managed to unblock all three drains before the drive flooded, after last nights torrential rain. The barn was only slightly under water and the elderly dog (who was looking distinctly suspect last night) is still alive. Our joint parental resolution is to be less irritated by the (idiotic) actions of small son. And so far today, we have more or less succeeded. The small son has not broken anything or ripped any electrical cables or sockets from the walls. Yet.

Whether this run of luck will continue over the next twelve months, remains to be seen. I suspect not and no doubt tomorrow will bring a whole new set of disasters for us to deal with. But hey, we’ve coped thus far…