Book about Channel Islands occupation now available from

The Channel Islands were occupied for the duration of WWII by the Germans. The islanders suffered many privations, and the handful of remaining Jews were singled out for special punishments. Many islanders performed acts of resistance; some were executed. Two of the most interesting members of the semi-organized Resistance on Jersey were the Surrealist artists and lovers Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore. They wrote notes to German soldiers urging them to desert, dropping them onto cafe tables and through open car windows. They had an illegal wireless set, which they used to transcribe BBC broadcasts. They were arrested and spent time on death row in a squalid military prison. My book about this time,“War on the Margins,” is a sort of “prequel” to “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” which looked at the occupation’s aftermath. It was originally self-published, and then picked up by Duckworth. It is now available for purchase from War on the Margins

I loved the GL&PPPS - will be buying this - well done! x