Book club in Perigueux

(Christelle Fiant) #1

I come from Boston (MA, USA) and I just moved in Perigueux (Dordogne, Nouvelle Aquitaine). I would like to create a “book club” in Perigueux to meet some english speakers and talked about books, movies, etc.

No matter where you came from (USA, UK, Australia…) please let me know if you are interested!
Kindly forward my message if you know someone in my area.

Talk you sooon,

(stella wood) #2

Hi Christelle and Welcome to the forum :relaxed::relaxed:

Great idea… although I am not sure if there is something like this already in Perigueux… :thinking:

It might be useful to ask at la Maison des Associations, Cours Fénelon, Perigueux… they have lots of leaflets and info about what is going on… and what clubs there are in the area…

Also… is a useful link for English/French/Dutch…speakers

(Teresa Shipley) #3

I’m at Brantôme. Love books.

(Christelle Fiant) #4

Thank you so much for your answer!
I already tried la Maison des Associations but they have nothing at all.

I didn’t know the ACIP24. I am going to try!
Thank you so much =)

(stella wood) #5

Well, that is good… if there is not something already on the go… you have a blank canvas, so to speak…

(Christelle Fiant) #6

Here is my phone number 07 62 13 46 01 to discuss further… :wink:

(Teresa Shipley) #7

Thank you. I am in the uk until new year. Perhaps I should ring you nearer the time when you will hopefully have other interested people.

(Christelle Fiant) #8

Sure! I will let you know :wink:

(Christelle Fiant) #9

Hi Theresa,
Just to let you know that we are now 3 people… May I ask your phone number, so we can keep you in the loop?

(Teresa Shipley) #10

Yes. It’s 07904074220 its an English mobile